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  • Nuisance Abatement

    An examination of how the New York Police Department has used the little-known nuisance abatement law to threaten thousands of businesses and homes with yearlong closures.
  • NYPD Spying

    This AP investigative series has found that the NYPD has secretly conducted widespread spying on Muslim communities
  • NYPD: Fighting Crime at All Costs

    WABC closely examined the aggressive policing policies of the NY Police Department. A tip from an officer regarding the use of quotas had turned into "a relentless pursuit of arrests and summonses in the city's minority communities that he claimed led to the write up of innocent people."
  • The Disconnected Cop

    In a three-month investigation after the 9-11 attacks, Baseline examined the New York Police Department's information and communications capabilities, which were found to be outdated and, for many cops, inaccessible. Additionally, federal agencies were probed and the FBI, CIA and NSA systems were found to be in not much better shape.
  • Crack Down

    New York Magazine reports on the use of conspiracy laws, usually used in the prosecution of Mafia businesses, to unseat an entrenched crack cartel. The cartel had managed to keep one step ahead of the officers of the 26th precinct with organized operation and security measures; they were also careful who they dealt to and how much. No matter how many arrests were made, the operation wasn't hurt. Using a strike force and conspiracy laws, the New York Police Department was finally able to shut down the operation.
  • The Whistleblower

    Village Voice describes the struggles of Jennie Williams, a New York Police Department administrator who is suing the NYPD for race and sex discrimination. Williams, 52, rose from 911 operator to administrator in One Police Plaza and received three merit pay raises in the first nine years of her career. Now Williams claims that throughout that nine-year period, the NYPD failed to promote her to a position of power because she was a black woman. She also says the department failed to protect her from the racist jokes of her co-workers. (May 28, 1996)
  • (Untitled)

    New York magazine takes an in-depth look at the New York Police Department, the Mollen Commission, NYPD corruption and racial problems within the force. (July 11, 1994)
  • Police Informant

    WCBS-TV (New York) paints sinister picture of one police informant who went on a crime spree while a pseudo-employee of the New York Police Department, January 1983.