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  • Show & Tell: IRE 2001 National Conference (Chicago)

    Compilation tape of investigative stories presented at the 2001 IRE national conference in Chicago: Tape 1 1.) KVBC-TV (Nevada) - "Honor Thy Father" 2.) KHOU 11 (Houston) - "Highway Health Hazard" 3.) Inside Edition - "Drink Up" 4.) KOAA-TV (Colorado Springs) - "Mother Goose daycare investigation" 5.) WSTN-TV (Syracuse) - "Pipeline to Crack" 6.) WAGA-TV (Atlanta) - "On the net; on the clock" 7.) KSAZ-TV (Phoenix) - "Capital Credit" 8.) Inside Edition - "Televangelists" 9.) WJW (Fox 8 Cleveland) - "Coats for Kids" 10.)Kelo-TV (Sioux Falls) - "Painful Steps" 11.) WNBC-TV (New York) - "Help on Hold" 12.) WFLD-TV (Chicago) - "Aggressive Drivers" 13.) WXYZ-TV (Detroit) - "Get Out Alive" 14.) WCPO-TV (Cincinnati) - "Airport Security" 15.) KMOL-TV (San Antonio) - "Slum Lords" 16.) WDIV-TV (Detroit) - "Stealing Power" 17.) WSMV 4 (Nashville) - "A few deadly breaths" 18.) WTVF (Nashville) - "Who's Policing the Police?" 19.) KDFW (Dallas) - "Spot Delivery" 20.) WTVJ (Miami) - "The Price of Beauty" 21.) WXYZ-TV (Detroit) - "Weight Loss Scams" 22.)KETV (Omaha) - "Police Complaints" 23.) KDFW (Dallas) - "Identity Theft" Tape 2 1.) WABC-TV (New York) - "Caught Off Guard" 2.) WTMJ-TV (Milwaukee) - "Get out of jail free" 3.) KTVT-TV (Fort Worth) - "INS Application Scam" 4.) KRON-TV (San Francisco) - "Moving Violations" 5.) WSPA-TV (South Carolina) - "Goodwill Firings" 6.) KWTV 9 (Oklahoma City) - "Lemon on the Lot" 7.) WLOS-TV (Asheville) - "Save or Slaughter" 8.) WISH-TV (Indianapolis) - "Tipped off" 9.) WAMI-TV (Miami) - "AIDS Charity Scam" 10.) WITI-TV (Milwaukee) - "Marine Corp Toxic Water" 11.) WFLD-TV (Chicago) - "No prescription, no doctor" 12.) XETV 6 (San Diego) - "Port Perks" 13.) KSTP-TV (St. Paul) - "Lasik Surgery" 14.) News 12 Long Island (Woodbury, N.Y.) - "Bad Medicine" 15.) News 12 Long Island (Woodbury, N.Y.) - "Double Dipping" 16.) KVBC-TV (Las Vegas) - "Mud Slinging Exposed" 17.) KVBC-TV (Las Vegas) - "What Lies Beneath" 18.) KHOU 11 (Houston) - "Sex Offender Teachers" 19.) KHOU 11 (Houston) - "Highway Health Hazard" 20.) WISH-TV (Indianapolis) - "Inspecting the Inspectors" 21.) WCPO 9 (Kentucky) - "NKU Rape Investigations"
  • What a Waste!

    News 12 Long Island reports that "recycling is a badge of honor for the Town of Islip. Ever since Islip's notorious garbage barge made headlines in the 1980s, the Long Island town has established a reputation as a leader in waste disposal and recycling efficiency. ...(but) Islip may not deserve that reputation. ..not only did the Town regularly dump recyclable plastic collected from its citizens, but it did so illegally in the Town landfill...."
  • IRE Feed 1 "New Adventures in Computer Assisted Reporting."

    A compilation of 12 stories: 1.) "Stolen Dreams" News 12 Long Island, Employees and Salesmen stealing pensions and retirement money. 2.) "Felon Voters" WCCO, Minneapolis, Convicted felons voting illegally. 3,) "Where Crime Happens." WBNS, Columbus, High-crime neighborhoods. 4.) "Ride At Your Own Risk" WTVJ, Miami, Cab drivers driving without licenses because of violations. 5.) "What's in the Tank?" KNXV, Phoenix, Gas incorrectly labeled. 6.) "The Dirty Dozen" WDIV, Detroit, Unclean restaurants with health violations. 7.) "Occupational Hazards" WSMV, Nashville, Unsafe work conditions ignored. 8.) "Unlucky 13" WRAL, Raleigh, A dangerous stretch of Interstate 95. 9.) "Owning Up" WNEM, Saginaw, Unpaid property taxes. 10.) "Hot Cars" WBNS, Columbus, The most frequently stolen cars. 11.) Wheel of Government" News 12 Long Island, Government cars used for non-government business. 12.) "Nursing Home Abuses." WDIV, Detroit, Health department violations, neglect, whistle blowers, cover up, sexual assaults, inadequate care and more.
  • IRE Feed 2 "Award Finalist"

    A compilation of 11 stories. 1.) "Airport Security" WCPO, Cincinnati, No criminal background checks for airport workers and other violations of security rules. 2.) "Too Young to Die" KCBS, Los Angeles, The National Cancer Institute stopped recommending that women get mammograms, causing uninsured women to die early deaths. 3.) "Ford Height Four" WMAQ, Chicago, Were four black men wrongly convicted of robbery, rape, and murder, because police withheld information and a key witness lied? A killer confesses. 4.) "Sexual Predators" WLTV, Jacksonville, A law drops some sexual predators from the public list. 5.) "Shooters" WAGA, Atlanta, Convenience stores selling shooters, a brown bag full of everything you need to smoke crack, but the crack. 6.) "Cleaner Gasoline" KGO, San Francisco, The Air Resources Board threw out data that shows a news gas could make your car catch fire. 7.) "The Business of Charity" WRAL, Raleigh, Sales of donated clothes by non-profit organizations equals big money. 8.) "Stolen Dreams" News 12 Long Island, Salesmen stealing pension and retirement dreams. 9.) "Chemical Reaction" WXYZ, Detroit, Did General Motors protect it's workers from deadly and unhealthy chemicals? 10.) "Conspiracy of Silence" CBC, Alberta, Workers denied their workers compensation. 11.) "Nursing Homes: Care and Crisis" WDIV, Detroit, Bed sores, neglect and more.
  • IRE Feed 3, "Hot Stories and Cool Techniques."

    A compilation of 8 Stories: 1.) "License For Sale" KCBS, Los Angeles, Criminals and government employees illegally buying real drivers licenses. 2.) "Demon Drivers" WSMV, Nashville. 3.) "Ambulance Felons" KNXV, Phoenix, Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians stealing credit cards from victim's homes and more. 4.) "Hunter Felons" WCCO, Minneapolis, Criminals with firearm hunting licenses. 5.) "Skin Peddler" WXYZ, Detroit, Underage dancers and prostitution. 6.) "Cash, Trash, and Politics." News 12 Long Island, Campaign finance money like with the garbage business. 7.) "Toxic Traffic" WJXT, Jacksonville, Hazardous material accidents and toxic waste dumps. 8.) "Military Secrets" WRAL, Raleigh, Military personnel can't sue for malpractice.
  • IRE Feed 4 "Investigate This"

    A compilation of 17 stories, including: 1.) "Deadly Detectors" WFXT, Boston, tested smoke detectors against the clock. 2.) "Burning Secret" WSMV, Nashville, State troopers were temporarily blinded and burned with pepper spray to feel it's effects, but without knowing the deadly and unhealthy hazards of the spray. 3.) "Take the Money and Run" News 12 Long Island, Election candidates betting campaign money. 4.) "Steroids For Sale" KPRC, Houston, Steroids illegally prescribed and Houston Police as customers. 5.) "Behind the Badge" WTHR, Indianapolis, Convicted criminal Police Officers. 6.) "Daycare Criminal Checks" KTVK, Dallas 7.) "Candy man" KOMO, Seattle, Teacher uses minors for door-to-door candy sales, usually in violation of child labor laws. 8.) "Illegal School Vans" WEWS, Cleveland, Schools transporting children in unsafe and illegal vans instead of buses. 9.) "High Crimes, High School" WITI, Milwaukee 10.) "Life After Death Row" WRAL, Raleigh 11.) "Foul Air" WWOR, New York, Carbon monoxide poisoning in indoor ice rinks. 12.) "Hard Bounces" KTVK, Dallas, "Banks that practice check ordering, or cashing larger checks first, equaling more profits for banks and more fines for customers. 13.) "Investigating the IRS" KTVK, Dallas 14.) "Fake Degrees" WFXT, Boston, Fake universities giving fake degrees. 15.) "Who is Mr. Wright?" KOMO, Seattle, An illegit doctor with fake credentials. 16.) "Medical Secrets" News 12 Long Island, A woman with terminal breast cancer, a doctor who failed to diagnose it, and a hospital that protected the doctors and punished the whistle blowers 17.) "Military Secrets" WRAL, Raleigh, Military doctors without medical licenses.
  • Take the Money & Run

    News 12 Long Island investigated the labyrinth of campaign finance. During a four-month investigation, News 12 set up cameras at political fund-raisers, scoured campaign finance disclosures and tracked legislation through U.S. Congress and the new York State Legislature.
  • Medical Secrets

    News 12 Long Island revealed the "medical secrets" of dangerous doctors - information kept from the public by New York State authorities. The report examined a system that often protects problem physicians at the expense of unsuspecting patients.
  • (Untitled)

    News 12 Long Island examines the questionable give-and-take between elected officials and special interests. The series reports on how candidates mix with lobbyists and how election laws favor both special interests and incumbents. New York law does little to limit the size or source of contributions to campaigns. (Oct. 29-31, 1996)
  • Stolen Dreams

    "More than 80 million American workers and their families rely on private pensions." News 12 Long Island discovers how their pension plans may be destroyed because most pension plans are not insured by the government, federal authorities lack the resources to effectively monitor abuses, and by the time abuses are detected, the pension assets are frequently gone. Also, administrator of most private pensions have inherent conflicts-of-interest and few plans are audited or subject to independent scrutiny.