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  • Fields of Despair: North Florida Laborers, Lured to Farms by Recruiters' Promises, Reap Poverty, Pain and Exploitation

    "'Fields of Despair' exposed the often hidden , and often brutal, working conditions encountered by farmworkers in the nation's second richest farm state. It told how the powerful profit even as workers suffer sweatshop hours, slum housing, poverty pay and criminal abuse." The reporter suggests that the fact that half of the state Legislature's House Committee on Agriculture are farmers or have connections to the industry might have affected the lack of reform legislation.
  • Fields of Despair

    This report examines the harrassment of Florida's farmworkers who are lured with fake promises by contractors. This report describes a tale of hidden, often brutal working conditions where farmworkers live in slum housing, povery pay and criminal abuse. The examination also unravels as to how scofflaw farm labour contractors (middlemen) are still eyeing preys despite many of them having stripped licences and prison histories. Furthermore, the story details on how work against this harrassment is unsuccessful largely because politicians themselves have vested interests in many farmlands in this area.
  • (Untitled)

    A sheriff's department clerk in a rural North Florida County was found dead just days after she testified against Sheriff Al Harrison. In letters her family shared with the St. Petersburg Times, Linda Richter described the way her boss had forced her to provide him with oral sex in his office at the sheriff's department. Inmates were also beginning to complain.