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  • Peace Corps Failing Volunteers

    CBS News has obtained evidence that the Peace Corps is struggling with sexual assaults in its ranks. A survey shows nearly 20 percent of volunteers experienced some type of sexual assault, and more than half of those say they suffered repeat attacks. Pressure to change a culture of victim-blaming goes back years, but some survivors still claim they are blamed or punished. Kris Van Cleave reports.
  • The Suspicion Within

    Even before a former U.S. intelligence contractor exposed the secret collection of Americans’ phone records, the Obama administration was pressing a government-wide crackdown on security threats that requires federal employees to keep closer tabs on their co-workers and exhorts managers to punish those who fail to report their suspicions.
  • 20/20 Peace Corps: A Trust Betrayed

    An ABC News 10-month investigation into the murder of a young Peace Corps volunteer that led to the discovery of severe flaws in the way abuse is reported within the Peace Corps. ABC's report led to President Obama signing a law that is aimed at protecting the volunteers better.
  • American Taboo: A murder in the Peace Corps

    In this book, the author unravels the truth behind a 25-year-old murder in the Peace Corps. The investigation chronicles how a male Peace Corps volunteer posted to a small island in the South Pacific stalked and killed a female volunteer who had rejected his advances. The man was found to be insane, but when he was returned to the United States under assurances he would be hospitalized for his crime, he went free in a matter of days because he refused to go to the hospital. The investigation also discloses how the Peace Corps tried to suppress the incident at the time.
  • Casualties of Peace

    A nearly-two year long investigation by the Dayton Daily News discovered widespread violence, including murders, against volunteers in the Peace Corps. "They have died at the rate of about one every two months since 1962," and "reported incidents of assault on volunteers more than doubled since 1991," with women the prime targets of such attacks. This seven-part series -- based on interviews with more than 500 people in nearly a dozen countries and a crime incident database obtained from the Peace Corps after a lengthy court battle -- reveals a disturbing pattern of unsafe conditions that were long masked or even covered up by the Peace Corps. In ten death cases examined by the Daily News, the paper found the "Peace Corps misled families, the public or other volunteers about the circumstances of the deaths." The Corps' policies resulted in sending ill-trained volunteers "alone to some of the most dangerous corners of the world where they may be unsupervised for months on end." These volunteers, frequently young people fresh out of school, receive little to no training about what they will encounter and how to stay safe. The newspaper's investigation also found the behavior of Peace Corps volunteers themselves often puts them at risk. "Alcohol was identified as a factor in nearly one in three assaults since 1999," and "in more than half of the reported rapes since 1990, the attacker was identified as a 'friend/acquaintance.'"
  • UPI Investigates: The Anti-Malaria Drug Lariam

    For several months, UPI investigated severe mental problems associated with Lariam, an anti-malaria drug that has been prescribed to 5 million Americans and 25 million people worldwide. It is also prescribed to Peace Corps volunteers, travelers and U.S. soldiers and side effects from the drug have been even linked to suicide.