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  • The Virginian-Pilot: Jailed in Crisis

    In a first-of-it’s-kind investigation, the Virginian-Pilot tracked down more than 400 cases across the country in which people with mental illness died in jails, documenting the scope of a tragedy that’s been unfolding for decades: too many people are being jailed instead of treated and many are dying in horrific ways and under preventable circumstances. The series goes on to detail how so many people ended up in jails because of a lack of mental health services and how some municipalities are finding ways to get them into treatment. The investigation prompted long-delayed action by the U.S. Justice Department to address the conditions for people with mental illness in the Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Portsmouth, Virginia.
  • Ohio's Nuclear Legacy: troubled past, uncertain future

    The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant is "in the midst of a multibillion environmental cleanup that may eventually be the most expensive ever in Ohio. Meanwhile, untold numbers of sick workers are seeking compensation for their workplace illness, some dying before the government acts on their claims. The story revealed how the Department of Energy ignored state and federal environmental laws- even barring regulators from the plant site- then enforced a code of silence that kept the plant's practices a secret."
  • A question of judgment: Portsmouth judge frequently reduces DUIs on appeal

    This investigation showed how a circuit court judge reduced drunken driving convictions to reckless driving in nearly two out of three appeals. An analysis of a state database of criminal cases helped to identify the trend.
  • (Untitled)

    The Virginian-Pilot investigates violent crimes in local public housing areas, particularly the Portsmouth locality where about 50 percent of the city's murders occurred in public housing during 1994. (Oct. 15, 1995)
  • Portsmouth city managers' secret perks

    The Virginian-Pilot conducted an investigation concerning Portsmouth city managers' secret perks. Even in lean years, the city council has paid lucrative bonuses and doesn't think taxpayers needed to know. The bonuses have been so secret that the city failed to disclose a $14,097 retirement payment that City Manager V. Wayne Orton received this fiscal year when The Virginian-Pilot and The Ledger-Star made an initial inquiry.
  • (Untitled)

    WAVY-TV (Portsmouth, Va.) takes a look at the symptoms and causes of under-aged drinking; reveals the ease with which teens get booze, May 24, 1993.
  • (Untitled)

    WAVY-TV (Portsmouth, Va.) runs a 4 - part series about medical professionals who abuse their access to prescription drugs; chronicles addictive habits of doctors and nurses who have ruined their careers, Nov. 8, 1993.
  • (Untitled)

    WAVY-TV (Portsmouth, Va.) reports on the problem of maids stealing from guest rooms at hotels; cameras go on operations with a police crime unit and catch maids in the act, Aug. 2, 1993.

    WAVY-TV (Portsmouth, Va.) reports on the issue of hazing within the Navy, and finds that the practice is common for enlisted persons passing to a higher rank or moving to a certain geographical area, August - December 1992. * VA Anderson