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  • How Atlanta Trampled the Public’s Right to Know: An AJC/WSB-TV Investigation

    In 2018, The AJC and WSB-TV revealed how the Kasim Reed administration illegally acted to withhold public records from the public and Atlanta City Council, doctored legal invoices to conceal the cost of a federal corruption investigation, withheld government documents to hide the scope of the corruption probe and concealed a six-figure settlement with a fired airport official.
  • Serial Secrets: Catching a Killer

    "Serial Secrets: Catching a Killer" chronicles a Vermont police investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a suburban couple. Bill and Lorraine Currier were abducted from their Vermont home and brutally murdered by a serial killer. He would evade authorities for more than year. In that time, he would kill again. My coverage was the first to reveal his identity and how dangerous he really was. Despite being stonewalled at every turn, I was able to bring viewers exclusive reports that eventually sparked debate about the use of unnamed sources and the public's right to know details about an ongoing criminal case. The FBI has since revealed that Israel Keyes planned his murders years in advance, burying "kill kits" across the country. He confessed to murdering at least eight victims over the past decade before committing suicide in December. The details of his kills still haunt Vermonters today.
  • Bush, Harken and the Public's Right to Know

    National media outlets reported on President George W. Bush's activities as a director with Texas oil company Harken Energy in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The stories referenced documents obtained by the Center for Public Integrity during the course of research for the book, "The Buying of the President 2000" and two other Center investigative reports. Now, the Center has released new documents--and a series of stories--that shed additional light on what transpired at Harken while Bush was a director, a chronicle of Bush's Harken tenure, and the close relationship between Harvard Management and Harken.
  • "City fights revealing settlement" and others

    The Union-News, Sunday Republican reports that "What began as a routine press conference with the mayor of Springfield, Mass., became a three-month battle between the city and our newspaper over the public's right to know how much the city was paying in out-of-court settlements. As a result, the Union-News won two precedent-setting rulings in both state and federal court and gained access to information that has been withheld from the public for more than nine years. ..."
  • Your right to know what you breathe and drink -- a new law emerges

    APF Reporter examines data from chemical companies on the release of toxic chemicals into the environment; comments on the public's right to know. Companies include Du Pont, Dow, Exxon, Union Carbide and Mosanto.