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  • Drilling for Dollars: Children's Dentistry Investigation

    After a five month investigation WJLA found that the leading chain of dental clinics, Small Smiles, for Medicaid children used assembly line treatment that rewarded profit over compassionate care. The parent company of Small Smiles "set daily production goals for its 63 clinics and gave enormous bonuses to the clinics that billed the most to Medicaid."
  • Danger Before Your Eyes

    "Within the auto glass replacement industry, it has been an open secret that many of the 11 million car windshields installed each year are not put in correctly. In fact the shoddy and slapdash replacement work commonly performed can leave customers' cars unsafe - a consequence that even the technicians themselves often don't realize. Our story showed why a properly installed windshield matters to drivers - demonstrating the key safety functions that help to protect passengers in case of an accident. Then we went undercover to have several windshields replaced - allowing us to show many of the mistakes the installers often make."
  • The Car Dealer's Secret

    "In a joint investigation - ABC News 20/20 and The New York Times looked at two class-action lawsuits out of Nashville, TN that accuse two of the nation's most prominent automobile finance companies of credit discrimination. The lawsuits, filed under seal two years ago and unsealed in August 2000 on legal motions by 20/20 and The New York Times, accuse the General Motors Acceptance Corporation and the Nissan Motors Acceptance Corporation of participating in lending arrangements with car dealers that result in African-Americans paying higher finance charges on dealership-arranged loans."
  • The New Challenges for Investigative Reporting

    This forum was taped at the IRE National Conference in New York City. Panelists, which included Ted Koppel, Diane Sawyer, Stone Phillips, William Keller, Roberta Baskin and Adam Clayton Powell III, discussed the future of investigative reporting and new challenges that will be faced in this field.
  • Window on America: Investigation

    The producer went undercover with a simple prescription for bifocals and seven pairs of identical frames. She went to seven of the top optical chains in New York to see how many of them would pass the industry's own standards for making eyeglasses accurately. All seven failed the industry standards for power, strength and overall workmanship. Three out of the seven did not add the Ultra Violet protection requested and paid for. Also, prices ranged from $52 to $174 for the same glasses.
  • Pilots: Dead Tired

    Now It Can Be Told reports on how pilot fatigue contributes to pilot error and accidents; pilots blame unreasonable flight schedules and inadequate federal regulations, Nov. 26, 1991.
  • NFL Drug Testing: Illegal Procedure

    WJLA-TV (Washington, D.C.) "uncovered serious breakdowns in confidentiality, accuracy and fairness in the NFL's drug testing program. The drug policy was selectively enforced. Some players with drug problems never received the counseling or rehabilitation that the NFL says it requires."
  • Weaving Around the Law

    WJLA investigates convicted drunk drivers who continue to beat the court system and get behind the wheel. They found the courts are riddled with plea bargains, delay tactics, repeat offenders and cases lost in paperwork. Outside the courtroom, one drunk driver was caught twice in two hours.

    WJLA-TV (Washington, D.C.) reports on the radioactive gas radon, which contaminates many area homes; the natural gas is a leading cause of lung cancer, Feb. 11-13 and Oct. 28, 1986.