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  • Rocky Flats: From Cold War to Hot Property

    Westword examines what has happened to Rocky Flats after the Atomic Energy Commission built a nuclear-weapons plant near the Denver area in the 1950s. The disposal of more than 1,500 kinds of chemicals and radioactive plutonium. Dow Chemical undertook only the slightest precautions in getting rid of the waste. It attempted solar evaporation ponds and mixing the toxic, often radioactive sludge with cement that never hardened. Over the years, materials left unprotected outside in second-hand barrels and other careless containers seeped into the prairies and groundwater. In 1974, Rockwell International took over and continued the pollution. In 1989, the plant was raided by the FBI and Colorado's first ever grand jury convened. Indictments and a $18.5 million fine were levied at Rockwell, the contractor and DOE employees. Today, an ambitious goal of cleaning up the land by 2006 is set but few have faith that the environmental damage sustained at Rocky Flats can be undone.
  • (Untitled)

    Westword reports on the controversy surrounding the aborted grand jury investigation of alleged criminal violations of environmental laws at Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant outside of Denver; after two years the grand jury was ready to indict eight individuals from Rockwell International and the U.S. Department of Energy, but the U.S. District Attorney refused to indict, and cut a deal instead; details what went on behind the closed doors of the grand jury process, 1992.
  • Rocky Flats fraud: 17-year secret

    Daily Camera investigates the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, finding Department of Energy officials and top scientists involved in elaborate gifts-and goods-making operation. The investigation also disclosed gifts that went to DOE officials, plant employees and officials of Rockwell International, which runs the plant. The department's scheme cost taxpayers millions of dollars over 17 years.
  • Special Ed, Special Problems

    WHA-TV (Madison, Wis.) details how children with special learning needs were not being properly educated; looks at failures in Wisconsin's special education system, May 9, 1986.
  • (Untitled)

    Daily Southeast News runs series on million-dollar mischarges by Rockwell International to contracts for the space shuttle, October 1983.
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    Common Cause Magazine article, "Whistleblower," says Rockwell International fired an employee who reported the company instructs employees to charge for their time spent on the B-1 bomber and other projects to the company's space shuttle contract; government and private industry interdependence questioned, March/April 1984.
  • (Untitled)

    Wall Street Journal examines criticisms of Rockwell International's management of the Rocky Flats nuclear-weapons factory and of the Hanford Reservation plutonium production facility; finds allegations of hazardous chemical dumping, illegal waste facilities, blatant disregard for federal regulations, and a dangerous lack of safety procedures for protecting employees.