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  • Girls in polygamous Kingston Group continue to marry as young as 15, records show, sometimes leaving Utah to marry cousins

    While much of the focus of any polygamous group is on marriages that happen outside the law, an investigation showed how in one sect girls as young as 15 are driven or flown out of Utah to marry legally. This is done to find states that are less restrictive about the ages of the brides and grooms and where cousin marriages are legal, and in order to keep girls in the sect.
  • Utah's top cop goes down

    A yearlong investigation of Utah Attorney General John Swallow, who ended up resigning after less than a year in office, as a result of stories The Salt Lake Tribune broke. This entry represents a sampling of the nearly 200 stories, sidebars and graphics about the scandal, which transfixed Utah's political establishment and Tribune readers.

    Behind vaunted promises of lightning-speed Internet access and an economic boon for 11 Utah cities lay a basic budgetary fact: The municipal fiber-optic network known as UTOPIA had been in operation for more than 10 years while consistently losing taxpayers millions of dollars annually and never reaching completion. So when a state audit flagged chronic fiscal problems with the Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency, The Salt Lake Tribune took an in-depth look at all aspects of the troubled project — from the point of view of its sponsoring city governments whose budgets were jeopardized by mounting UTOPIA debts. Wading through thousands of city documents, meeting minutes and technical specs obtained through open-records requests and interviewing dozens of sources, Tribune reporters brought to light a picture of mismanagement and financial crisis even more dire than one painted by state investigators.
  • Salt Lake Tribune reporting, editorial stance, lobbying efforts to help keep Utah's open record law intact

    In the waning days of the 2011 Utah Legislature, lawmakers quietly introduced House Bill 477, a measure designed to dramatically weaken the state's open records law, the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), in effect for the past two decades. Work done by The Salt Lake Tribune led the way to the recall of HB477.
  • Salt Lake Tribune, editorial stance, Lobbying keeps Utah's open record laws intact

    "After a significant change in Utah's open records laws passed legislation without typical due process. The paper's editorial and government relations staff aggressively reported on the claims from both supporters and opponents of the bill."
  • "Logan Canal Collapse Investigation"

    A massive mudslide that destroyed numerous residential homes and killed a mother and her two children could have been prevented. According to an investigation by The Salt Lake Tribune, the owners of the irrigation canal that collapsed and caused the mudslide neglected to fix existing problems with the waterway, or warn residents of the potential danger. Meanwhile, Logan city received warnings that the canal posed a threat to residents, but did not act upon them.
  • High Speed Chases: A Salt Lake Tribune Special Report

    Wagner explores the deadly effects of high-speed chases on Utah's roads. Citizens in unrelated vehicles in the way of a high-speed police chase are the innocent victims of deadly collisions. Wagner also takes a look at why people run from the police in the first place.
  • The Social and Political Costs of Polygamy

    The Salt Lake Tribune investigated two polygamist communities in Utah. One community relies heavily on welfare programs to support their large numbers of children. The other has been marrying incestuously and sexually abusing children with little or no threat of prosecution.
  • (Untitled)

    The Salt Lake Tribune introduces a three part series that delves into domestic violence in Utah. The report tells several individual stories and provides many useful statistics. (April 24, 1994)