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  • The turf war over public housing

    The Guardian exposes the power struggle and questions of accountability surrounding the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA) and it tenants. In 1990, Theresa Coleman created Ujamaa, a resident-run public housing collective in an attempt to improve San Francisco's Hunters Point neighborhood. After receiving funding from HUD, Coleman's group created a 10-year plan to transform the area into a "city within a city," complete with child care, a medical center, and general store. Development was cut short after a 1997 audit, SFHA decided to suspend Ujamaa's funds indefinitely. After an examination of SFHA records and discussions with tenants, Feldman discovers SFHA has a history of mismanagement and a pattern of suppressing resident activist groups.
  • The Great Minnow Hunt

    "The FBI's 20-month investigation of corruption at the San Francisco Housing Authority seems to have netted one minnow as sharks swam free. Last summer, in what seems to herald the end of a federal investigation of the Housing Authority, a federal jury found a mid-level housing manager guilty of taking bribes to provide subsidized housing certificates to people who were ineligible to receive them. But transcripts of FBI interviews with the prosecution s chief witness, sworn depositions in a whistleblower lawsuit, exhibits in the housing manager's trial, and a HUD inspector general's reporter all suggest that high-ranking city officials and a longtime s associates of Mayor Willie Brown had knowledge of, or were involved in, the bribery conspiracy."
  • Living High off Public Housing

    The San Francisco Bay Guardian reports that "The San Francisco Housing Authority had no money to help displaced residents - but plenty for a sole-source contract with a Chicago consultant... In many ways, the contracts are a case study in the problems of the administration of Mayor Willie Brown and the contracting practices that have FBI agents crawling all over city hall."
  • Pitbull

    San Francisco Housing Authority regulations say pit bulls aren't allowed in its housing projects. But an investigation by KGO-TV found that pit bulls are not only allowed, but the animals are used as weapons and for fighting. (Nov. 7 & 8, 1995)