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  • Trouble on Tap

    "The story explored the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's decisions to award San Francisco-based Bechtel Group with a $45 million contract to manage the renovation of the city's water system." Bechtel's track record in Bolivia points to cost increases and privatization, and in that case, riots in response to water rate hikes.
  • The Shame of San Francisco: How PG&E Stomped Public Power--Again

    This story came out of the Bay Guardian's 30 year effort to force the City of San Francisco to abide by federal law requiring the city to deliver electric power generated from the city-owned Hetch Hetchy dam to the citizens of San Francisco, stop Pacific Gas & Electric co.'s illegal monopoly in San Francisco and curb the locally headquartered, massive transnational corporations undue influence on City Hall. This particular story uncovered that from 1995 to 1996 the Grand Jury had investigated the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (PUC), which oversees operation of the dam, for having a relationship altogether too cozy with PG&E.
  • Bechtel's $45 Million Screw Job

    A four-month SFBG investigation concluded that the city of San Francisco is wasting money on a contract with Bechtel Infrastructure Corporation to help manage reconstruction of the city's water system. The story looks at the problems of privatization.