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  • Wars in the 1990s: Growing Firepower in the Third World.

    Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists tracks the proliferation of weapons in Third World countries; there is a growing risk that military encounters among these nations could cause massive destruction and escalate into nuclear war.
  • (Untitled)

    The Los Angeles Times uncovers a group of Saudi Arabian businessmen and arms brokers that, with approval from the Board of Supervisors, secretly acquired long-term leases on public property at Marina del Rey, Nov. 12 - 13, 1989.
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    Regardie's explores the curious tale of an American businessman's alleged captivity in Saudi Arabia, revealing new details about the depths of Saudi involvement in the Iran-contra affair, March 1987.
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    New Republic finds four major oil companies have conducted a multimillion-dollar campaign to manipulate U.S. public opinion; a pro-Arab, anti-Israel state is their goal; collusion with Aramco and key Saudi Arabian officials, May 1982.
  • The Petrodollar Connection

    New Republic investigates a massive corporate lobbying campaign seeking Senate approval for the sale of AWAC aircraft to Saudi Arabia. The campaign was orchestrated by the Saudi government and U. S. companies doing business there. The investigation documents how Saudis pressured U.S. companies to push for approval.