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  • The Struggle Within Islam

    Powell draws from all over the Islamic world for this story. It profiles the family of Mohammed Shakr, whose son is edging toward fundamentalism and jihad. Powell takes a look at the "civil war" that has raged within Islam for years, intesifying since 9/11. Powell finds that "the number of Muslims expounding radical beliefs is clearly growing; the global war on terrorism has fueled perceptions that Islam is under attack; and America's war in Iraq has made it more difficult for patient voices inside Islamic states to be heard."
  • The Baghdad Files

    Edward Pound found that the current Iraqi insurgency was planned long before the Saddam Hussein regime collapsed. These stories stripped away the different faces of the insurgency and exposed heavy Iranian influences behind the many attacks on Americans, their allies and Iraqi citizens. Pound uncovered documents later called the "Baghdad files" that revealed the extent to which Iran was involved in the insurgency in Iraq.