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  • Secret Deaths: CNN uncovers high surgical mortality rate at a Florida hospital

    Cohen’s groundbreaking investigation on Anderson Cooper 360 told the story of how the state of Florida allowed a troubled pediatric heart surgery program in West Palm Beach to continue to operate despite a high mortality rate and against the advice of its own experts. After Cohen’s story, St. Mary’s Medical Center shuttered the program and the CEO resigned.
  • Medicare Unmasked

    The Wall Street Journal forced the government in 2014 to release important Medicare data kept secret for decades, and in a sweeping investigative series analyzed it to uncover abuses that cost taxpayers. In April, the U.S. made public Medicare billing data by doctors for the first time since 1979. The government acted because of successful litigation by Journal parent Dow Jones & Co. and amid persistent reporting on Medicare by Journal reporters.
  • Asleep at the Wheel

    Driver fatigue kills more people on the highways than texting, cell phone use and all other distractions combined. Yet the underlying factors of fatigue-related crashes have yet to capture the attention of Congress, the public and federal regulators. The WCNC-TV Investigative Team spent months drilling down into one cause that has received almost no national attention: sleep apnea. An estimated 13 to 20 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea and with increases in obesity which is related to the disorder, that number is climbing. Studies show drivers with sleep apnea are exponentially more likely to crash. And millions of long-haul truckers are more prone to sleep apnea than the average driver of a "four-wheeler".
  • Bomboozled, a Story of Liquor and Money

    Profits from North Carolina's monopoly on retail liquor are supposed to flow back to the state. However, the investigation uncovers waste and corruption are causing the liquor boards to lose money.
  • DFW Travel Spending

    CBS News 11 reviewed thousands of pages of documents pertaining to travel expenses by executives and board members who oversee DFW International Airport. They discovered dozens of trips around the country and around the world where executives enjoyed first-class travel, accommodations and meals at the expense of airport users and taxpayers, at a time when the airport faced a multi-million dollar budget shortfall and had publicly announced plans to control expenses. They also found that the airport CEO was the highest paid airport executive in the United states and that he and dozens of other employees had car allowances for travel to and from work. They also reviewed executive compensation packages and discovered 100 airport employees who made at least $100,000 more than any other airport in the country.
  • Dart Travel Spending

    CBS 11 News reviewed thousands of pages of documents pertaining to travel expenses and credit card purchases by executives and staff members who manage Dallas Area Rapid Transit, AKA DART. We discovered dozens trips around the country and around the world for seminars. While traveling, executives enjoyed expensive accommodations. The station also found questionable expenditures on expensive catering, gift cards and purchases from Victoria's Secret. The expenses came at a time when the agency faced a $1,000,000,000 budget shortfall that jeopardized key transportation projects. CBS 11 producers followed a group of executives and board members to a transit junket in California where we watched as many skipped key meetings, attended steak dinners and parties thrown by companies who bid on transit projects. The station also watched as DART executives and staff members violated internal policies by using taxis and shuttles instead of local mass transit, a pattern found while reviewing dozens of other out-of-town junkets.
  • How the United Way of Charlotte lost the public's trust

    Both WCNC-TV and the Observer worked to unveil how the CEO of United Way received a $2.1 million pension plan through lobbying efforts. Those who approved the plan declined to release documents or answer any questions at first.
  • Until Proven Innocent

    The book reviews how the case and charges against the three Duke Lacrosse players was handled. The authors focus on how "political correctness, personal agendas, sensationalist journalism, and academic extremism," all shaped the public opinion about the players before they went on trial.
  • Chantix: Miracle cure for dangerous drug?

    An investigation into the anti-smoking drug Chantix/Varenicline found many adverse reactions in the FDA's public database. The reactions included aggression, violent behavior and thoughts of suicide. "A follow report detailed how drugs are sent to market with minimal testing."
  • Tollway Junket

    "The North Texas Tollway Authority, a public entity, sent 5 representatives on an all-expenses paid trip to Vienna, Austria to attend the International Bridge, Tunnel and Tollway Association's annual meeting. The trip cost tollway users more than $42,000 dollars and our hidden cameras revealed some representatives dining on five star meals, catered by companies with multi-million dollar construction contracts."