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  • Business of Disaster

    Superstorm Sandy devastated the East Coast in 2013, but it wasn’t a disaster for everyone. For some, Sandy was big money. This investigation revealed for the first time just how much money insurance companies make during a disaster, and how those companies wielded a taxpayer program into a powerhouse of profit while homeowners suffered.
  • Stronger Than The Storm

    NJ Gov. Chris Christie and his hand-picked appointees directed that $25 million of the federal superstorm Sandy rescue money be used in a TV advertising campaign that starred Christie during his reelection year. The Press found that the section committee paid a politically connected PR firm $2 million more in profits than the losing bidder - who said they would not put the governor in the TV commercials.
  • Sandy charities investigation

    An investigation into a major illegal charity set up as superstorm Sandy hit the New Jersey shore, and the lack of spending of millions of dollars of Sandy-specific contributions by some of the largest established charities in the nation.
  • Political Superstorm

    After superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey, we found that countless homes and businesses could have been saved by better dune and flood protection — if not for the people, and government, that fought against them
  • The Long Island Power Authority

    Superstorm Sandy struck the Northeast in late October, leaving much of Long Island damaged by the most severe flooding in memory and wind gusts reaching 96 miles an hour. A total of 90 percent of the Long Island Power Authority’s 1.1 million customers lost electricity -- tens of thousands of them for weeks.