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  • "Arpaio Investigation"

    An investigation by KPHO-TV found that Sheriff Joe Arpaio often used his popularity as a means to "retaliate" when claims were made against him. The retaliation was often in the form of "SWAT raids" or "full-blown criminal investigations." Some of his victims included the mayor of Phoenix, Supreme Court judges and local police chiefs. KPHO found the FBI was also investigating the sheriff for "abuse of power."
  • The Best Judges Money Can Buy

    In 21 states, Supreme Court judges are elected. To get elected, though, they must raise advertising money, and to do that, they must take donations. But, as evidenced by so many campaign finance scandals, taking donations leads to public mistrust. The story points out that the legislative branch was meant to be completely unbiased and unapologetic. The idea that judges can be bought, then, is a frightening concept. A sidebar offers ideas as to what can be done to remedy the problem
  • New York's 10 Worst Judges

    Village Voice (New York) profiles what it terms "New York's 10 Worst Judges," from state supreme court judges to housing and family courts; details incompetence, corruption, vindictiveness, ideological blindness, Sept. 15, 1992.
  • (Untitled)

    Milwaukee Journal runs series showing how personality conflicts on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, long one of the most respected in the nation, were hampering the business of the court and the development of state law, April 12-14, 1987.