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  • (Untitled)

    Providence (R.I.) Journal-Bulletin series goes into the background of state Supreme Court chief justice and finds the judge has extensive and long-standing ties to organized crime figures; reporters made use of public records and did physical surveillance, December 1984.
  • Above the law

    Philadelphia Inquirer examines the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The investigation found that the court tolerates political partisanship, favoritism and conflicts of interest as a matter of course.
  • (Untitled)

    Cincinnati Post uncovers evidence that the head of a suburban Democratic Party organization stole money from estates his law firm handled; story began with a look at the Supreme Court's disciplinary board.
  • (Untitled)

    Plain Dealer (Cleveland) publishes series on increasingly powerful chief justice of the Ohio Supreme Court and his complete politicization of the court and the administrative functions attendant to it; political considerations play a large role in the court's decisions.
  • (Untitled)

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette does series on how Pennsylvania's Supreme Court justices politicize the court by trying to defeat fellow judges in their re-election bids as well as promote their own hand-picked replacements.
  • Editorials on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court

    Philadelphia Inquirer issues reprint of 11 editorials lambasting the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for being "a dismal swamp of self-protective secrecy, a chaos of indifference to the needs of private citizens and the legal community alike;" among the worst abuses: huge backlog and unaudited slush fund.