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  • The final days of Laura and Walton

    Laura Connell believed she was going to lose custody of her only child, Walton, despite years of abuse at the hands of her child’s father. After coming to Delaware to escape the abuse and appealing to the Delaware courts, it appeared she was still going to have to turn over her son to his father. She never did – instead killing first him and then herself on the morning of her family court hearing. Hundreds of pages of court documents, medical records and other records provided both by Laura herself and the courts detail the abuse and claims Laura said never reached a judge or were taken seriously. The story explains why mothers kill their children and what can drive parents to commit murder- suicide in a world in which we often lack those answers.
  • Volunteer Fire Companies: Short of standards, long on cash

    An investigation into Delaware's 60 volunteer fire companies. The News Journal found that fire companies fell short of national response-time standards in one out of every six structure fires statewide between 2003-06.
  • DNREC keeps quiet on pollution

    The News Journal reveals that "state regulators kept the public in the dark about pollution in their neighborhoods ... The system denied citizens basic information about air and water quality and personal exposure to pollutants. By concealing facts about factory performance and violations, Delaware's deal-making tradition crippled the public's ability to participate in decisions involving personal health and environmental protection."
  • Who paves the way for Anderson Columbia?

    The News Journal finds that two agencies have been poor guardians of Floridians' safety, environment, and pocketbooks. For example a single road-construction company consistently receives a lion's share of state contracts and dominates the paving industry in Northwest Florida. A four-month investigation has found that the state has watched Anderson Columbia skirt environmental laws, ignore contract requirements and dodge efforts to force the company in to compliance.
  • The Brownsville revival: The money and the myths

    The News Journal investigates the Brownsville Revival, the United States' biggest revival this century. The investigation found that the spiritual leaders had lied about how they were using the millions of dollars pouring in, how much they were making personally, their backgrounds and lifestyles and the origins and spiritual basis of the revival.
  • Farmland Tax Breaks

    The News Journal reveals that a property tax abatement program meant to aid small family farmers has become a tax dodge for real estate developers, wealthy families and big companies; a poorly written law and lax enforcement allows estate owners to reserve large tracts of private land off the tax rolls and helps developers and corporations avoid paying thousands of dollars a year in taxes.
  • (Untitled)

    The News Journal (Wilmington, DE) runs a four-part series on Delaware's only mental hospital; finds that the hospital is more open than in the past, but still has budget and treatment problems, Aug. 11 - 14, 1991.