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  • Coaches who prey: The abuse of girls and the system that allows it

    Following a year of investigation that included interviews with more than 260 people, 110 public-records requests and legal battles in four counties, the Seattle Times revealed how coaches who have been reprimanded or fired for sexual misconduct continued to coach or teach. Among the findings: School officials and the teachers union team up to keep misconduct records concealed; schools risk student safety while they, unknowingly or not, protect coaches; reprimanded coaches resurface in other school districts; victims say club teams are a haven for sexual abuse.
  • The Terrorist within

    The Seattle Times takes an in-depth look at Ahmed Ressam, a native Algerian who eventually became a proud member of al-Qaida and attempted to bomb the Los Angeles International Airport. The story looks at how a quiet Muslim boy from a moderately religious family could become so wrapped up in the terrorist way of life.
  • The Working Stiffed

    A Seattle Times investigation finds that "Washington residents give their employers well over $13 million a year in free work." The story reveals that unpaid labor comes from white-collar and blue-collar workers as "uncounted overtime, work performed off the clock and illegal deductions that whittle away a worker's pay." The article looks at reduced employee benefits as another aspect of unpaid labor. "Many employees - even white-collar workers - still don't know or insist on their rights," the Seattle Times reports.
  • Family Issue: Seattle Publisher Fights to Preserve His Paper As Chains Gain Control

    The Wall Street Journal looks at the efforts of Frank A. Blethen, the Seattle Times publisher, to "extend four generations of family control over one of the last major independent papers in the U.S." The story points to Blethen's inclination to rule "more by his heart than his head." It describes Blethen's battle against the offer of Knight-Ridder, owner of 49.5% of the Seattle Times, to get control of the paper.The analysis sheds light on the circumstances surrounding the strike at the Seattle Times in November 2000.
  • Antitrust goliath vs. Microsoft, US drafts antitrust case vs. Microsoft, trial puts states in back seat

    In these three related stories, The Seattle Times looks at the antitrust suit against Microsoft. The first article profiles David Boies, the government's lead antitrust attorney "who doesn't know how to use a computer." The second article outlines the details of the then upcoming suit. The third article describes the relationships and constraints between the federal antitrust suit and individual states' attorneys general interests.
  • The story of a drive-by murder

    The Seattle Times chronicles in great detail the story of Brian Ronquillo, the student who opened fire outside a Seattle high school in 1994. He killed one student. This article uses colorful language and anecdotes to interweave Ronquillo's story with detailed accounts of the greater existence of gangs in Seattle.
  • The Life of a Gun

    Santana traces a gun that has caused nearly $3 million in taxpayer money, a life and three people's freedom. In this investigation, the Seattle Times investigates how guns have been used in Seattle crime and many other interesting statistics.
  • Seattle Times School Guide

    The Seattle Times conducted the most comprehensive report ever published on the public and private high schools of the greater Seattle area. This investigation includes: what you need to know to choose a school, a rating of the top performers in academics, vocational programs and school climate and detailed charts with comparative statistics on each school, individualized profiles of 91 public and private high schools.
  • From Deregulation to Disgrace

    The Seattle Times reports the results of its investigation into the federal Indian-housing program. The Times found that while more than 100,000 Native-American families live in miserable conditions, millions of tax dollars are being diverted to benefit tribal leaders and outsiders - often with the tacit approval of the federal government.
  • Safety at Issue: the 737

    The Seattle Times investigates the world's most popular jet, the Boeing 737. The investigation reveals that the aircraft has a flawed rudder. The Times looks at the problem, which could have been the cause for 159 deaths, and reveals why it continues to pose a hazard.