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    A study by the Seattle Times reveals that children who were supposed to be kept safe by Washington's child-protection programs died at a record rate last year. Although these cases may seem rare, the study revealed that more than 100 children died in 1995 while under the watch of state social workers. (Aug. 4, 5, 8, 1996)
  • The Pang fire

    The Seattle Times investigation found that the Seattle Fire Department made more than 20 mistakes and misjudgments in fighting an arson in which four firefighters died. The department mishandled a specific tip on the arson plan before the fire and then violated local, state and national safety procedures during the fire. (June 11, Feb. 9, 1995)
  • The 737's Rudder-Control Concerns

    The fall 1994 crash of USAir 427 prompted the Seattle Times to launch an investigation into Boeing 737 jetliners. The rudder system on the 737's can sometimes malfunction and make the airplane dangerously difficult to control. A USAir 737 crashed near Pittsburgh last September, killing all 132 passengers. United has accelerated replacement of a 737 rudder-system part in which investigators have found defects.
  • Overwhelming Evidence

    The Seattle Times reports that even as "politicians have courted voters by railing against crime, passing tougher laws, building more jails and putting more police on the streets, they've largely ignored crime labs. Labs have not enough staff, not enough equipment, not enough quality control and a burgeoning backlog of cases.... In many states, including this one, the case backlogs run into the thousands. Crime labs across the nation are running in crisis mode."
  • State Saw Many Signs of Trouble at Home

    The Seattle Times reports that "Four babies died in a state-licensed foster home in Seattle. All the deaths were ruled SIDS, but experts say that is highly unlikely, and police are investigating."
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    The Seattle Times investigates faulty construction at the Seattle Mariner's King Dome. Concrete ceiling tiles came loose in 1988, but stadium officials ignored the problem and covered it up. In 1994, four heavy ceiling tiles crashed into the stands almost hurting some fans, 1994.
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    The Seattle Times uncovers horror stories that reveal fundamental problems in the crime-laboratory system of Washington state; finds cases where evidence collected over two years ago has not been tested, leaving suspects free. The investigation found that often cases do not go to trial, justice is often compromised or not realised; the state prosecutors have approved a resolution calling for changes in the state's crime-lab system, June 13 - 19, 1994.
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    The Seattle Times uncovers a Washington state senator violating state law at the risk of being removed from office. The stories reveal the senator had not lived in Washington for two years, but in Hawaii where he carried out his legislative duties by fax and phone. The senator announced he would not seek re-election, 1994.
  • A matter of degree

    The Seattle Times finds that the football program at the University of Washington is not performing very well academically, noting that virtually all the players who recently entered the UW had aptitude test scores that were less than the average scores of their freshman classes. April. 11, 1993
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    The Seattle Times examines Washington's mental health care system; considered to be amoung the best, the reporters found it to be mismanaged and bursting at the seams, Jan. 8 - 12, 1989.