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  • Air Marshals: Undercover and Under Arrest

    The Federal Air Marshal Service presents the image of an elite undercover force charged with making life-and-death decisions that demand sound judgment. ProPublica found that dozens of air marshals have been charged with crimes, including 18 felonies, and hundreds more have been accused of misconduct. Cases include smuggling drugs past airport security, aiding a human trafficking ring, child sex abuse, bribery, drunken driving, domestic violence, holding an escort against her will during an overnight layover, solicitation to commit murder and voyeurism after one air marshal was caught taking photos of women's genitals on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
  • Not So Fast

    NBC News Dateline reports that "For more than a decade, automakers and federal safety officials have blamed reports of sudden acceleration on 'driver error' - people mistakenly pressing the accelerator instead of the brake. But an exhaustive 9-month investigation by Dateline NBC uncovered evidence -- including internal company memos -- suggesting another cause: electrical short circuits in some modern cars. It was a report that, in the end, had the man who once led the government's investigation wondering if his agency had fully explored sudden acceleration..."