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  • The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley: Bringing Home America’s Fallen Correspondent: Chip Rei

    Four-story series on waste and mismanagement within the Pentagon agencies responsible for bringing home the remains of 83,000 US military personnel who never returned from battle. Despite a budget of more than $100 million, the series revealed the POW/MIA Accounting Community, as it is officially known, has a very poor record of repatriating and identifying remains. In fact, the Pentagon’s results were eclipsed by those of a non-profit charity whose work we carefully documented. Two days after our first story ran, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered a thorough review of the sprawling Pentagon bureaucracy. The CBS reporters followed up with another story when Hagel ordered a massive reorganization. The story included interviews with family members who endured years of agony while they pleaded for answers from the Pentagon. CBS also reported on a highly critical DoD Inspector General’s report months before it was officially released. The fourth story in the series tracked the work of History Flight, a charity that has successfully recovered WWII remains on the Pacific Island of Tarawa. CBS reporters traveled to Tarawa with six US Marines, now in their 90s, on their first return visit since they fought there in 1943. The series documented the emotional scene as they witnessed History Flight’s painstaking recovery of their fellow Marines.
  • Truthout on the Border

    The true intent of United States Foreign Policy in regards to the war on drugs in Mexico and Latin America is hidden behind many pantallas (screens in Spanish). In ten installments, posted in the first half of 2012, the Truthout on the Mexican Border series exposed the unofficial intentions of the US war on drugs in Latin America and its deadly impact. By connecting the dots in ten successively posted articles, the war on drugs appears to be a screen behind which goals of US military and economic hegemony can more easily be achieved in Latin American nations. Many Mexicans know that when it comes to corruption, drugs and crime in their nation, las pantallas usually prevent them from knowing the truth. The same is true of the US war on drugs, which has resulted in deaths and disappearances that are estimated to reach between 60,000 – 120,000 in the six year rule of Mexican President Felipe Calderón (ending on November 30, 2012). Truthout regularly covers US foreign policy and its impact in Latin America. The Truthout on the Mexican Border series was written to create a comprehensive understanding of what is behind the diplomatic and political screens – weaving in such seemingly diverse topics as US immigration and gun policies to understand the dark underside of US hemispheric intentions in Mexico and Latin America.
  • A Tampa Case of Stolen Valor

    “A local man has been joining veteran’s organizations around the Tampa area”. He often comes dressed in a marine uniform, showing off his “Navy Cross”, which he was awarded while serving his country. It turns out that he never won the award, was never a part of the Marines, and never even served for the US Military. Further, he was charged with violating the “Stolen Valor Act” and forging government documents.
  • Four Stars for Hire

    Retired senior officers are been hired by the US military as senior mentors. These mentors counsel current commanders and run war games. Further, the mentors are being paid at rates much higher than the active-duty officers. Also, they are not just working for the military; many are employed by defense contractors. So these mentors are not only being paid large sums by the US government, they are also receiving income from the defense firms.
  • Agent Orange: A Lethal Legacy

    This investigation reveals the high costs and consequences of herbicides, such as Agent Orange, used by the US military during the Vietnam War. Not only are the veterans suffering from the consequences of herbicides, but also the children of these veterans. These children suffer from multiple cancers, birth defects, and other conditions. The conditions have increased the financial compensation for the US veterans and their families. Furthermore, the US government has neglected to discover the impact of these herbicides on health and environmental conditions.
  • How the US Funds the Taliban

    This investigation uncovered Taliban insurgents reaping millions of dollars in Department of Defense contracts. "These contracts have become an immense boon for the Taliban, as security firms found that paying off the insurgents was the only way to get supplies through hostile territory to US troops." This has become a large part of the Taliban's income.
  • Reporting series on Abu Ghraib

    This investigative series on the Abu Ghraib prison scandal reveals that the Bush administration knew about the interrogation methods being used. Breaking all rules of the Geneva Convention, the Bush administration had declared as soon as the war on Iraq started that the conventions were not going to be adhered to. Backed by a paper trail of documents from the White House, these journalists revealed that the military personnel higher in the ranks, and not just the MP's were involved.
  • Court Martial in Iraq; Abuse at Abu Ghraib

    This investigation showed the photographs from the abuse of prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and the response from the Department of Defense, revealed the systematic breakdown in the handling of Iraqi detainees, and documented, through a soldier's video diary, the life of a soldier working in an Iraqi prison camp.
  • Special Report: Wyle Laboratories; "As few regulators watched, pollution, concerns seeped in"

    The article investigates how a Department of Defense contractor, Wyle Laboratories, spent the past 50 years conducting "hazardous military tests and mishandling its toxic waste." The site is also located in the small community of Norco, where the residents suffer from thyroid disease cluster believed to be caused by the lab's contamination. The article discovers that many of the health and environmental regulators who agreed that Wyle Laboratories was safe enough to be in the community had "never set foot on the property."
  • Line of Fire

    This story investigates the fate of four members of an embedded British ITN TV news crew who wandered onto an Iraqi battlefield and wound up caught in the crossfire between Iraqi fighters and US Marines. The author's reporting, observations at the scene and photographs helped establish that the Marines were involved in the incident, contrary to US military claims.