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    Mother Jones examines the population time bomb and finds that humanity is still not taking the issue seriously and ignores the consequences of unhindered birth rates in the Third World; finds that the prohibition of birth control by the Roman Catholic Church, the Religious Right and the various branches of Islam are major problems in the effort to curb population growth, March/April 1993. # CA Hertsgaard United Nations
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    Washington Post looks at the overall effectiveness of the United Nations; cites mismanagement and waste and looks at the costs and benefits of the organization; focuses on the U.N. efforts in Africa and the U.N. office for refugees, Sept. 20 - 23, 1992.
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    New York Times Magazine reports on the status of Iraq's nuclear weapons program and the efforts on the part of the United Nations to halt the program; discusses how Iraq obtained the nuclear material and the knowlege necessary to make a working nuclear weapon, March 8, 1992.
  • Fighting Ronald McToxic

    Village Voice (New York) tells of campaigns to get McDonald's and other fast food restaurants to stop packaging food in polystyrene--Styrofoam--containers; a child dressed as Ronald McToxic campaigns at the United Nations.
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    New York Tribune reports on Soviet espionage activities at the United Nations, Jan. 24 - 27, 1984.