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  • California's Billion Dollar Rip-off

    California's "Medi-Cal" program was designed to provided low cost health care to over 5 million poor and low-income Californians. KCBS-TV found that some wealthy California doctors are taking advantage of the Medi-Cal system by recruiting patients from the poorest parts of Los Angeles and giving them illegal kickbacks to come to their clinics. Doctors would then bill the Medi-Cal program for treatments or services that they may have never provided. The investigation also found that the California Department of Health knew of this practice but did little to control it.
  • Body of Evidence Part 1-4

    Dateline NBC examined the reliability of forensic evidence in crime laboratories, and found that these labs were understaffed, underfunded and overworked. In one case, the lab had a history of allegations of shoddy work, such as falsification of reports and inferior work.
  • Troubled Bridges

    KOMU's "computer-assisted investigation revealed that mid-Missouri's bridges are deteriorating and placing drivers into possibly dangerous situations every day... bridges dropping large pieces of concrete into traffic lanes on Interstate 70 ... the state had no plans to fix this problem anytime within the next five years... one in three bridges in mid-Missouri is structurally deficient.... it would take 49 years to fix the problems that current bridges have with current funding even though transportation officials say that an average bridge has a lifespan of 50 years...."
  • Fighting for a Smile

    WCCO-TV reports profiles of three victims of inefficiency at Minneapolis' VA Medical Center, which had been keeping dozens of patients waiting in line for dentures, some for more than a year.
  • The Investigation of First USA

    WFAA-TV reports about "gross corporate dishonesty, a federal investigation, the abrupt resignation of 3 CEOs from two of the largest financial institutions in America, and perhaps billions of dollars wrongly taken from millions of credit-card consumers... At one time, First USA bragged it was the largest credit-card company in the United States with nearly 70 million customers.... Last year, industry analysts estimated one-third of First USA's annual revenue came from the penalties and interest rate hikes it assessed against customers - an amount totalling nearly $20 billion...."
  • Keeping the Peace?

    Dateline NBC reports "An investigation of atrocities committed around the world by United Nations peacekeepers against civilians they are supposed to protect. We obtained actual 'trophy photos' of torture sessions which were taken by UN soldiers themselves as souvenirs.... we also documented the systemic failures that led to these atrocities -- lax screening, training and punishment of peacekeepers by the UN."
  • Kids In Confinement

    In this two-part series and numerous follow-up stories, a hidden-camera investigation explores the underside of "time-out rooms" - a questionable disciplinary practice common in Chicago public schools and spreading nationwide. Reporters exposed the unsavory conditions and often inhumane treatment used to discipline school children, many of whom emerged with permanent physical or psychological damage.
  • Condition Critical: Code of Silence

    WTLV TV-12 "examined the code of silence among doctors, exposed examples of the medical risks it poses to patients and ultimately showed the economic downside for physicians whenever they break that code of silence. ... in one case.. Jacksonville's largest provider of cardiovascular services, St. Vincent's Medical Center, allowed its Chief of Cardiac Surgery to operate on patients despite a severe drinking problem spanning more than a decade ... a drinking problem widely known to the hospital's administration and medical staff.... Our series of investigative reports uncovered a pattern of unchecked power, corruption, cover-up, criminal conduct... even death in the O-R."
  • Case Dismissed

    WTHR-TV reports that "a source mentioned to us that numerous DUI cases were being dismissed because police witnesses fail to appear in court... After we crunched a slice of our county's criminal justice data ... We found thousands of DUI cases - nearly one in ten - thrown out because cops didn't show..."
  • Tobacco Slaves

    CBS News 60 Minutes II reports "about a little-known cigarette called bidis imported from India. Bidis are sometimes sweetened with flavors like cherry, chocolate and bubble gum, and are a growing fad among young people in the United States. Bidis are cheap because poor people roll them in rural India. We discovered that many of the rollers are children who are tobacco slaves, sold illegally into bonded slavery. ..."