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  • State Farm: A Good Neighbor?

    The reporters investigated the nation's largest insurance company, State Farm. The investigation revealed how State Farm employees routinely forge signatures of their customers, lie under oath during depositions and destroy documents -- all to avoid paying customers what they deserve.
  • New or Used

    This story investigates allegations against the Sears corporation, which is the largest automotive battery retailer in the country. Dateline found evidence some Sears employees may have selling used car batteries as new.
  • Las Vegas Junket

    This investigation examined Hamilton County, Ohio engineers wasting taxpayer money on so-called business trips. Hidden cameras reveal three county engineers spent virtually all of a three-day trip to a convention in Las Vegas gambling.
  • Televangelist Investigation

    PrimeTime Live "looks at the business practices of three highly successful and prominent televangelists who capitalize on the beliefs of their followers and collect millions of dollars in donations each year - tax free. Hidden cameras reveal how these preachers - W. V. Grant, Larry Lea and Robert Tilton - manipulate their followers through phony faith healing, fund-raising schemes and sophisticated marketing techniques."
  • WJCT/Rebman Investigation

    WJXT-TV (Jacksonville, Fla.) reveals that "five percent of every piece of antique furniture sold through televised public fund-raisers at six PBS stations went directly into the pocket of the president and general manager of Jacksonville's PBS station, WJCT, Channel 7, instead of toward purchasing programming, as was advertised. The trustees of WJCT set-up a phony charity to stage the shows at their own and other PBS stations, as well as legitimize the pay arrangement to the general manager."
  • Conception or Deception?

    "'Conception or Deception' was the result of a two-month investigation into the practices of a world-renowned fertility specialist who preys on the desperation of infertile women by leading them to believe they are pregnant when they are not. ... Our investigation discovered how now deceives women by using a hormone that stimulates pregnancy, a series of fake sonograms and a novel explanation of how babies simply absorb into the mother's system."