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  • C-HIT: Toxic Laundry Emissions

    Industrial laundries in New England have recently come under intense scrutiny by the EPA, ever since the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) found that volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) were being released at a facility in Waterbury, CT. According to Steve Rapp, Chief of the Air Technical Unit, EPA Region 1, the problem is widespread and significant. “The industrial laundries are grossly under-reporting their VOCs,” said Rapp. “It’s a total sleeper.” The problem stems from the process of laundering shop towels, which are often contaminated with toxic solvents. When improperly cleaned, the solvents are vaporized and emitted to the surrounding air. This article investigated this little-known source of air pollution, shedding light on the industry’s practices and its impact on air quality and public health.
  • Last Gasp: An in-depth look at North Texas air quality

    The Dallas Business Journal reports a "15-story package focused on a looming federal deadline for the Dallas-Fort Worth area to clean up its breathing air. The EPA is demanding that Dallas reduce ground-level ozone, which is caused by emissions of nitrous oxide (or "NOx") and volatile organic compounds (or "VOC's"). If Dallas fails to meet EPA standards, the federal government may impose tough sanctions that could choke off the area's 10-year-long economic boom."