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  • Profiting from Hunger

    Venezuela’s president handed the military complete control of the food supply last year after people took to the streets to protest severe shortages. But far from fighting hunger in the crisis-wracked country, the AP investigation found evidence of the military making millions from it through kickbacks and the sale of staples on the black market at dozens of times the government-set prices.
  • Who Protects Reputation for the Bolibourgeoisie?

    While investigating corruption in Venezuela's oil industry, I stumbled upon dozens of newly created websites that appeared to exist only to obfuscate search results about the people I was investigating. It was what technologists call "black-hat reputation management." I tried to figure out who might be behind this effort, and ended up on a months-long hunt that connected several otherwise unrelated scams. I tentatively identified the person who was working for all of these different scammers. This article shows how I solved the puzzle. The article became the best-read page on my blog, thanks in part to a link from Boing Boing. In response to it, changed its search results, the reputation manager deleted some of the offending sites, and someone decided to take out aggression on me. Immediately after I posted the article, someone, most likely the person fingered in my investigation, posted web sites that say I'm an extortionist on the run from the law. The revenge sites also include personal family photos taken from my mother's Facebook page. This article shows that an independent, unfunded blog can do serious investigative journalism with a real-world impact.
  • Venezuela: A socio-political study of the Venezuelan legislative minority

    The report explores the ideological, political, economic and social policies of Venezuelan legislators.
  • Giuliani Law Firm Lobbies in Texas for Chavez-Controlled Citgo

    The law firm, Bracewll & Giuliani LLP, owned by Rudolph Giuliani has on its client list Citgo Petroleum Corp. Citgo Petroleum Corp. is owned by the anti-American Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
  • A Tank of Gas, A World of Trouble

    By tracking gasoline and oil from around the world to a single gas station in the United States, the Tribune tells the story of how Americans have become addicted to oil "at a time when the world's crude production appears to be tipping into historic decline." The Tribune examines the oil fields of Venezuela, Nigeria, Iraq and elsewhere, revealing "how America's gas addiction binds us to some of the most fragile and hostile corners of the planet."
  • The Politics of Oil

    This investigation is basically a comprehensive examination of the political influence of the international oil industry. The Center for Public Integrity found that "Big Oil" has spent more than $440 million in the past 6 years on politicians and lobbyists in Washington. Oil companies from Indonesia, Venezuela, and the OPEC countries, among others, spent millions to enlist such Washington insiders as Bob Dole to protect their interests with the US government.
  • Drama in three acts

    A Polish Public Television investigative report exposes the scams of corrupt Polish politicians in the beginning of the 90s. The series reveals that most of the key players are "still active and herald the idea of "clean hands in politics." The major finding is that -- with the support of those in power -- huge amount of public money has been illegally transferred to private pockets and enterprises. The investigation focuses specifically on the embezzlement of money from the Foreign Debt Fund, an institution created to manage the debt of the country to foreign creditors. The reporting took place both in Poland and Venezuela, as one of the main players lives in Latin America.
  • Asleep at the Wheel: The Government Auto Safety Breakdown

    In a series of news and investigative stories the Los Angeles Times "focused on how the deceptions by auto and tire companies coupled with the ineffectiveness of the nation's auto safety regulators..." Some of the major findings included that "State Farm insurance company had notified federal regulators about problems with Firestone tires as far back as 1998, but got no response" and that "Ford Motor C. was aware of instability problems with its Explorer SUV...but twice had declined to make design changes...". Reporters found out that " tires made by Goodyear had been experiencing similar problems to the Firestones and had been linked to several fatal crashes". Some of the stories questioned the companies' practice to keep "knowledge of unsafe products out of public eye". The series raised questions about the efficiency of federal government on safety issues. It pointed out that "the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had been thwarted for over two decades from setting or updating auto safety standards because of industry pressure and lack of funding and political support from Congress."
  • The truth hurts

    Oscar Paniagua was a charming 31-year-old native of Venezuela who came to Denver in 1999 heralding himself as El Mensajero de la Verdad, "the messenger of truth"; since that time police investigators estimate that Paniagua collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from people seeking spiritual, physical, and marital advice. Paniagua was finally arrested on charges of sexual assault, but was released on bail and granted permission to leave the state before facing theft charges.
  • The Fierce Anthropologist

    The writer raises doubts about legendary anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon's method of collecting data on one of the most remote tribes on earth -- Yanomami Indians. He also disagrees with some of the observations made by Chagnon in his book 'The Fierce People' which is a standard text in anthropology classes worldwide.