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  • The Scajaquada is a crippled creek

    The story got started in 2013 when reporter Dan Telvock noticed raw sewage in a section of the creek that passes through Buffalo’s prized Delaware Park and a strong urine smell in a section of the creek that runs through Buffalo’s largest cemetery. In May 2013, the state enacted the Sewage Pollution Right to Know Act, which for the first time provided a public database of most sewage overflows by locality. This data shows that the most sewer overflows happen in Scajaquada Creek and the biggest offender is Cheektowaga’s sewer system. From there, Telvock used the state Freedom of Information Law to obtain hundreds of documents that detailed Cheektowaga’s sewer overflows, to include volumes and locations.
  • Show and Tell Tape #2

    2004 IRE National Conference (Atlanta) Show and Tell Tape #2 features the following stories: 1)Randy Travis (WAGA-Atlanta) Modeling company Options Talent Group placed photos on their Web site and claimed their services would help clients become models for $500 a month, but agencies rarely took models from Options. 2)Darcy Spears (KVBC-Las Vegas) This hidden camera investigation into government found employees slacking on taxpayers' money by taking too long, and too many smoke breaks. 3)Mark Greenblatt (WBBH-Ft. Meyers) This investigation exposes a pet cemetery, widely used by veterinarians in the area. The cemetery does not fulfill its promises of dignified pet burials, and leaves dead animals exposed above the ground. 4)David Schechter (WCCO-Minneapolis) Profits from reservation casino gambling have garnered millions for certain tribes. Despite this, some Native Americans are left tribeless and living in poverty. 5)Steve Chamraz (KCTV-Kansas City) The investigation found Kansas City police aren't effectively tracking Internet predators, and lack computer resources to catch up. 6)Angie Moreschi (WTHR-Indianapolis) Indiana Social Services failed to research one family, resulting in a father with a history of abuse, who beat his child to death.
  • Show and Tell Tape #1

    2004 IRE National Conference (Atlanta) Show and Tell Tape #1 features the following stories: 1)Phil Williams (WTVF-Nashville) A hidden camera investigation proves that special interest lobbyists are buying Tennessee lawmakers. 2)Stephen Stock (WESH-Orlando) An investigation into new home inspections found inspectors conducting too many inspections daily with a passing rate as high as 99 percent in one county. 3)Anna Werner and David Raziq (KHOU-Houston) Children as young as 11-years-old were being physically abused at the juvenile probation department in Harris County, Texas. 4)Tony Pipitone (WKMG-Orlando)The Brevard School District in Orlando requested additional funding from the federal government for poorer schools but put that money toward helping the district as a whole. 5)Brian Collister (WOAI-San Antonio) A national report claimed that San Antonio police were among the best in the country for not targeting minority motorists, but an investigation proved police officers skewed the data. 6) Jacqueline McLean (KGMB-Honolulu) A cemetery that hasn't been licensed in nine years makes room for more bodies by removing old ones. 7) Chris Halsne (KIRO-Seattle) Mapping software found 605 sex offenders living near day cares statewide. None of the day cares were ever notified. 8) Bog Segall (WITI-Milwaukee) Many inmates use their phone privileges to call their victims, intimidating them in the hopes they won't show up at trial. 9)Larry Posner (Inside Edition) An investigation into Pitts, one of the largest door-to-door magazine sellers in the country, found the company charging high rates, abusing employees and hiring felons. 10)Randy Travis (WAGA-Atlanta) This undercover investigation found a state court judge having 19 drinks and then getting in his car to drive. 11)Jim Strickland (WSB-Atlanta) This investigation exposed forgery and fraud by an Atlanta Booting company. 12)Bebe Emerman (KIRO-Seattle) A problem with the powercord of one brand of oscillating fans was linked to 20 house fires. 13)Elisabeth Leamy (WTTG) This story discusses the lives of those held in concentration camps and the Nazi tattoos they received.
  • NBA All Star Weekend

    This story from the WAGA TV looks at the NBA All-Star weekend that was held in Atlanta in February 2003. As this report finds out the security conditions on the street was not adequate resulting in major traffic congestion and a complete gridlock of the streets. This was essentially because the policemen involved in with the NBA weekend.
  • "Judge Fuller"

    Tips from people inside and outside the courthouse prompted WAGA-TV to look into how one judge was spending his time. The investigation found the judge was repeatedly leaving work early to spend hours inside an Atlanta bar, while his case backlog became the highest of any judge in the county. Following the story, the judge agreed to a suspension and to enter an alcohol awareness program. But later WAGA-TV found him driving on a suspended license to meet friends at a bar. Following that report he resigned.
  • Strip-Searched

    An investigation by WAGA-TV revealed that "a north Georgia sheriff, in one of the state's most popular tourist areas, routinely strip-searched every person brought into his jail, violating the Fourth Amendment rights of thousands of local citizens and tourists. (WAGA-TV) found people strip-searched who hadn't even committed a crime or committed minor traffic violations ranging from no proof of insurance to an improper mudflap."
  • Doraville Police Abuse

    An investigation by WAGA-TV revealed that a high-ranking member of Doraville suburban police department, who also happened to be the son of the police chief, routinely abused minority citizens. (WAGA-TV) caught the abuse on tape, as well as evidence he lied on police reports to justify his actions."
  • Stone Cold Chemicals

    WAGA-TV investigated Stone Cold Chemicals, which "sells cleaning supplies to federal, state and local government offices across the country. They generate millions of dollars -- tax dollars -- by offering the government supervisor a gift. In exchange, the supervisor agrees to order what are often over-priced supplies. (WAGA-TV) found the company giving supervisors what they called a 'premium,' worth as much as 10 percent of what they ordered. Purchasing agents told (WAGA-TV) this type of sales tactic is unethical, and in their opinion, illegal. That may explain why the company often sent those expensive gifts to the supervisor's home instead of the office."
  • Show & Tell: IRE 2001 National Conference (Chicago)

    Compilation tape of investigative stories presented at the 2001 IRE national conference in Chicago: Tape 1 1.) KVBC-TV (Nevada) - "Honor Thy Father" 2.) KHOU 11 (Houston) - "Highway Health Hazard" 3.) Inside Edition - "Drink Up" 4.) KOAA-TV (Colorado Springs) - "Mother Goose daycare investigation" 5.) WSTN-TV (Syracuse) - "Pipeline to Crack" 6.) WAGA-TV (Atlanta) - "On the net; on the clock" 7.) KSAZ-TV (Phoenix) - "Capital Credit" 8.) Inside Edition - "Televangelists" 9.) WJW (Fox 8 Cleveland) - "Coats for Kids" 10.)Kelo-TV (Sioux Falls) - "Painful Steps" 11.) WNBC-TV (New York) - "Help on Hold" 12.) WFLD-TV (Chicago) - "Aggressive Drivers" 13.) WXYZ-TV (Detroit) - "Get Out Alive" 14.) WCPO-TV (Cincinnati) - "Airport Security" 15.) KMOL-TV (San Antonio) - "Slum Lords" 16.) WDIV-TV (Detroit) - "Stealing Power" 17.) WSMV 4 (Nashville) - "A few deadly breaths" 18.) WTVF (Nashville) - "Who's Policing the Police?" 19.) KDFW (Dallas) - "Spot Delivery" 20.) WTVJ (Miami) - "The Price of Beauty" 21.) WXYZ-TV (Detroit) - "Weight Loss Scams" 22.)KETV (Omaha) - "Police Complaints" 23.) KDFW (Dallas) - "Identity Theft" Tape 2 1.) WABC-TV (New York) - "Caught Off Guard" 2.) WTMJ-TV (Milwaukee) - "Get out of jail free" 3.) KTVT-TV (Fort Worth) - "INS Application Scam" 4.) KRON-TV (San Francisco) - "Moving Violations" 5.) WSPA-TV (South Carolina) - "Goodwill Firings" 6.) KWTV 9 (Oklahoma City) - "Lemon on the Lot" 7.) WLOS-TV (Asheville) - "Save or Slaughter" 8.) WISH-TV (Indianapolis) - "Tipped off" 9.) WAMI-TV (Miami) - "AIDS Charity Scam" 10.) WITI-TV (Milwaukee) - "Marine Corp Toxic Water" 11.) WFLD-TV (Chicago) - "No prescription, no doctor" 12.) XETV 6 (San Diego) - "Port Perks" 13.) KSTP-TV (St. Paul) - "Lasik Surgery" 14.) News 12 Long Island (Woodbury, N.Y.) - "Bad Medicine" 15.) News 12 Long Island (Woodbury, N.Y.) - "Double Dipping" 16.) KVBC-TV (Las Vegas) - "Mud Slinging Exposed" 17.) KVBC-TV (Las Vegas) - "What Lies Beneath" 18.) KHOU 11 (Houston) - "Sex Offender Teachers" 19.) KHOU 11 (Houston) - "Highway Health Hazard" 20.) WISH-TV (Indianapolis) - "Inspecting the Inspectors" 21.) WCPO 9 (Kentucky) - "NKU Rape Investigations"
  • Medicaid Millions

    A series of articles by Lexington Herald-Leader on fraud in billing of Medicaid patients and inadequate health care provided to them. The stories highlight the number of health care practitioners who are involved in the fraud.