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  • What Transparency Looks Like

    Baltimore City Public Schools spends nearly $16,000 per student, per year, making it the third most funded among America’s 100 largest (Source: U.S. Census). But federal data (NAEP) ranks Baltimore schools as the third lowest performing. In 2017, Fox45 spoke with multiple sources who described a system-wide culture of pushing students through at any cost.
  • Baby Deaths

    WBFF investigates how Social Services fails to protect children in Baltimore. The story reveals that in the vast majority of baby death cases Social Services caseworkers were aware of the problems in the families where children died. "Many times, Social services had returned the child to the home where he/she was killed."
  • Inside Hickey

    WBFF-TV reports on "conditions inside the Hickey School for boys in Baltimore, ..., a facility for juvenile offenders." The key findings include: "gross understaffing at the facility, drugs on campus, convicted felons employed to work with the children there." The stories reveal that a private company, YSl, is getting paid $ 75 million over five years to run Hickey. The report finds that the school, which houses nearly 400 juveniles, provides them with no treatment and "compromises security for students and staff."
  • Rent Court Collapse

    A WBFF-TV investigation of Baltimore's Rent court reveals that tenants were being illegally evicited.
  • (Untitled)

    WBFF-TV/Fox 45 News (Baltimore, Md.) gained access to the confidential world of juvenile court, finding an antiquated system set up for kids who play hooky, not youths who deal drugs; court is unable to handle the volume and severity of today's juvenile crime; system serves as little more than a preparatory school for adult criminals, May 12 - 14, July 20 - 23, 1992.