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  • Funeral Industry Investigation

    WCPO-TV's investigation of the funeral industry to help local consumers avoid being victimized at a time when they are grieving and vulnerable. The I-Team exposed which mortuaries charge the most and which charge fair prices. The investigation also revealed how some mortuaries routinely rip off customers, and their hidden camera showed funeral directors using high pressure sales techniques.
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    The I-Team investigates local hospitals that are saving money by replacing highly-skilled registered nurses with lower-paid "aides" with only a few weeks training. WCPO-TV found doctors and nurses who told how it is endangering patient care, and profiled patients with sotries to tell. (Nov. 13, 14 & 16, 1995)
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    The I-Team investigation discovered the federal bankruptcy court in Cincinnati was moving into luxurious new offices that are costing taxpayers more than a million dollars a year. WCPO-TV found the court demanded expensive extras such as showers and kitchenettes for judges' chambers and top-quality hardwoods and 16 ft. cielings for court rooms. The investigation discovered the same thing happening in backruptcy courts in more than 30 cities. (July 10, 11 & 26, 1995)

    WCPO-TV (Cincinnati) uncovers a huge national industry that is selling reconstructed salvaged wrecked cars by misrepresenting them as almost new, with the buyers not knowing that the autos had been involved in major accidents; major car dealers across the country are involved with the scam; finds a national system that launders the cars across the country, making it impossible to trace the car's history.

    WCPO-TV (Cincinnati) reports on a furniture store's phony "Going Out of Business" sale; finds that the store was receiving new merchandise when the sale seemed to drag on for months; the store's claims of "30 to 70 percent off" were false, Feb. 4 - 5, 1992.

    WCPO-TV (Cincinnati) finds a Cincinnati neighborhood that is controlled by vice, drug dealing and prostitution, much to the surprise of the conservative community; shows the threats to the working population of the neighborhood posed by the prevalence of the criminal activity, May 4 - 6 and 13, 1992.

    WCPO-TV (Cincinnati) reports on a Japanese machine tool company, Mazak, Inc., was importing Japanese-made machines, relabeling those machines as "made in the U.S.A." and then selling them to the United States Government in violation of the Buy American Act; documents that the government was aware of the violation for years but did nothing; the company's actions not only violated federal law, but helped the company increase its market share at the expense of American corporations, April 27 - 29, 1992.

    WCPO-TV (Cincinnati) examines the procedures used by the coroner in the Donald Harvey serial murders; finds the coroner's investigation was not thorough and failed to discover evidence that could have sent Harvey to death row, Aug. 22, 1988.
  • Drake Hospital Investigation

    WCPO-TV (Cincinnati) reveals "a number of deaths which occurred at Drake hospital in Cincinnati and questions raised about an orderly at the hospital." The report reveals that the hospital orderly was arrested for giving cyanide to a patient. The investigation led to an investigation of the man, and his eventual confession to 58 murders.