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  • State Police Troopers, Supervisors Charged in Overtime Scandal

    Dozens of respected members of the Massachusetts State Police are suspended, so far ten have been criminally charged, and the investigations by federal and state prosecutors are continuing with more arrests expected in 2019. All of this is the result of a massive overtime scheme that was uncovered by 5 Investigates, the investigative team at WCVB in Boston. This is a precedent setting scandal that has unfolded in Massachusetts since our initial investigation. The work of 5 Investigates began in 2017 with dozens of public records requests and our first story in October that revealed supervisors and troopers who appeared to be earning thousands of dollars in overtime they never worked. By early 2018, we began to see significant developments -- suspensions, arrests for theft of taxpayer money, and a response from the Governor that resulted in some of the largest reforms within the State Police that Massachusetts has ever seen.
  • Most localities fail test on state records law

    In an unusual collaboration, the Boston Globe teamed up with WCVB-TV and a class at Northeastern University to conduct the largest test ever performed of how cities and towns in Massachusetts respond to public records requests. The audit found that most cities and towns failed to meet the basic requirements of the law, taking too long to respond or ignoring requests altogether, withholding documents that are clearly public, charging onerous fees, or erecting other hurdles to obtaining information.
  • Court-Appointed Counsel System

    WCVB-TV Boston reports that "A two-month investigation reveals gross waste and indifference in the court-appointed counsel system in Massachusetts. In family intervention cases lawyers, with no oversight, bill thousands of dollars on cases that never move forward. Lawyers routinely call in sick and yet never contact the court or their client in advance. WCVB uncovers an epidemic of lawyers who go years without ever seeing their clients. Many young clients languish in foster care due to their lawyers' inattentiveness. On the criminal side, dozens of lawyers, intended to be part-time, are hitting the $100,000 mark on cases where representation is unnecessary or redundant."
  • (Untitled)

    WCVB-TV (Needham, Mass.) reveals how doctors and health care companies can avoid public scrutiny of their questionable records by making secret financial settlements with their former patients and patrons; government enforcment agencies do a poor job of policing doctors and product liability, Nov. 6 - 8, 1991.

    WCVB-TV (Needham, Mass.) discovers an obscure Massachusetts law that sends hundreds of female alcoholics a year to state's maximum security prison when beds aren't available at treatment facilities, Jan. 31 - Feb. 2, 1990.

    WCVB-TV (Needham, Mass.) uses student loan default records to reveal elected politicians and successful professionals are among thousands of student loan defaulters in the state; taxpayers end up paying the $13 billion in bad education loans, Nov. 19 - 21, 1991.
  • Lead Paint: The Forgotten Danger

    WCVB-TV (Needham, Mass.) finds state housing agencies are placing families in subsidized homes known to contain dangerous levels of lead paint; the station obtained a confidential list of subsidized apartments and hired a lead inspector to expose infractions of the state's lead paint law, Nov. 1 - 3, 1989.

    WCVB-TV (Needham, Mass.) airs series on the failure of Boston's schools to educate students; internal documents showed a top-heavy administration, shortcomings in curriculum, high dropout rates and unsatisfactory teachers, Feb. 20 - 24, 1989.
  • Mental Health Composite

    WCVB-TV (Boston) reveals the state's mental hospitals were responsible for the deaths of patients; documents the "warehousing" of severely ill patients in overcrowded facilities don't meet health and safety standards; also reports staff are undertrained and sometimes abuse patients, January - July 1988.

    WCVB-TV (Boston) details the history and results of HUD landlordship in Boston; finds shattered windows, leaky roofs, collapsing ceilings, drugs and crime in HUD buildings, Nov. 1 - 3, 1988.