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  • Childhood Poverty: Cincinnati's Crisis - Study says Cincinnati needs more affordable housing units to help break cycle of poverty

    For the last four years, we've been researching why Cincinnati has one of the top 5 worst rates of child poverty in the country. Our stories focus on who could be responsible, and more importantly, potential solutions to the problem. We have produced more than 100 stories on this topic since 2015.
  • Charter School Investigation

    A WKRC-TV investigation into the charter school movement revealed "financial improprieties, illegal use of public money, nepotism, conflict of interest and academic incompetence. (The station) disclosed loopholes in state law which allowed questionable, unqualified operators to obtain charters, and revealed how minimal state oversight allowed a bad situation to become worse."
  • Indecision 2000

    WKRC-TV reports that "the real shame of America's dysfunctional electoral can be found not only in Palm Beach, but in thousands of counties nationwide." The investigation looks at the problems in Hamilton County, Ohio. The main finding is that if all ballots disqualified for double voting would have counted, Al Gore would have picked up 730 additional votes. The result is based on a methodology that assumes the percentage of the disqualified votes for Gore (from all disqualified votes) is equal to the percentage of the counted votes for Gore in the official election result for a specific precinct. The number and ratio of votes thrown out in the 2000 presidential election were much higher for African-American communities than for similar-sized white communities in Hamilton county.
  • Justice for Justin

    In a four-part series, WKRC investigates the suspicious deaths of children at an in-home day care in suburban Cincinnati. Police responded to two separate incidents of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) at the day care, and revived another child at the same residence. While the police were suspicious of the deaths, they had nothing to continue their investigation with. The parents of one the children that died came forward and won a wrongful death suit against the day care center, WKRC's investigation found that Ohio has some of most lax licensing, inspection, and enforcement laws in the country when it comes to day cares.
  • Patriots for Profit

    WKRC-TV finds that "members of the patriot movement appear to be funding their cause by setting themselves up as a 'bank.' The fraudulent 'bank' is willing to help homeowners faced with foreclosure by legitimate banks. The militia members scan local newspapers for word of foreclosure on properties. They then contact the embattled homeowner, offering to buy their mortgage from the bank and prevent the foreclosure. In exchange the homeowner agrees to a 'lend lease' agreement with the militia bank, which is usually an operation called Soverign Accounting Agency."
  • Dead Man Driving

    WKRC-TV in Cincinnati revealed "how a multiple drunken driving offender, one with a DUI-related fatality and a lifetime driving suspension on his record, was able to repeatedly obtain driver's licenses, cars, and six more DUI convictions using the names of dead childhood friends. ... Our investigation uncovered major loopholes and weaknesses in Ohio's DUI laws, and in the way court and police records are kept."