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  • WNEM 5 Investigates Flint Veterinarian

    WNEM-TV investigates a veterinarian, Dr. Lloyd Nelki, who allegedly abused and killed pets, "charged clients for services he didn't perform ... and forced employees to perform procedures they were not qualified to do." The report reveals that in recent years hundreds of animals have suffered from the doctor, who still continues his practice, while a state investigation is underway.
  • WNEM 5 Investigates: Truancy on Trial

    A WNEM-TV investigation looks into whether lawmakers are showing up for Michigan House and Senate sessions. The report reveals that only a few attend every session, and provides a list of the lawmakers with the most absences. The story finds that attendance has become better in recent year.
  • WNEM Investigates Flint 9-1-1

    A WNEM-TV investigation reveals that the lateness of a 9-1-1 emergency call center has led to a homicide. The report details how "16-year-old Gowan Younger called for help when his uncle attacked him with a knife." The 9-1-1 tapes, obtained by WNEM-TV, have proved that the emergency center staff were late helping and the teen shot his uncle when he attacked him again. The story has resulted in dismissing the charges against the teen.
  • DNA Databank

    A WNEM-TV investigation uncovers the existence of "a government warehouse where DNA from millions of Michigan newborns is stored." The reporter finds that the genetic information is taken from newborns' blood samples collected for various health tests. The series tells the story in the light of the "mapping of entire human genome" and the "potential danger such a database could impose on a family's privacy." The story reveals that "few parents had ever been told sensitive information on their kids was being collected." It also warns about potential discrimination problems because of genetic diseases.
  • WNEM 5 Investigates Flint Air Show

    A WNEM-TV series reveals how a man with fake credentials, William "Mickey" Traylor, has "raised thousands of dollars" through "an air show for underprivileged kids." The stories depict a fraud scheme, in which "nobody knows where the money went, because everything for the air show is donated." The investigation finds that Traylor has lied about being a retired military pilot and a former employee of Southwest Airlines, and the local airport management has failed to check his background.
  • Playing With Fire

    A WNEM-TV series "looks at the hidden epidemic of juvenile firesetters, focusing first on a teenager caught in the compulsion to burn." It also details the story of "a grieving father [who] shows how a fascination with fire can lead to crime." The investigation reveals that "one reason why urban areas like Flint and Saginaw might fall prey to arsonists so easily is because there are so many abandoned buildings."
  • Investigating the Investigators

    WNEM-TV reveals that many of the practicing private investigators in Minnesota have potentially invalid licenses, which have not been signed by the county sheriff or village police chief. The reporter draws the conclusion that "some of these private eyes who are watching you, may not be legal" and, as a result. anything private investigators say or do, might also not be valid in court. The investigation finds that "the practice of not getting the proper signatures has been going on for years..." and that "the Michigan State police who oversees the investigators has been letting it slide for years."
  • WNEM 5 Investigates: University Park

    A WNEM-TV investigation reveals that a new subdivision of the City of Flint, MI, has been built on contaminated land. "The main contaminate in the soil naturally occurring arsenic, but it also could have contained Xylene." The story details how the city officials and the developers have guarded the secret for three years and have failed to inform the buyers and "contractors who were working in the dirt, including city employees." The reporters expose the lack of state laws requiring developers of new homes to disclose any potential problems.The investigation reveals that the state has warned the City of Flint not to use the soil as fill dirt, but the warning has been neglected. "...The contaminated soil has been trucked from here [Flint city] to countless other states ...".
  • Bias at the bank?

    A WNEM-TV investigation into the security practices of local banks reveals that urban and inner city banks employed more security measures than suburban banks. The WNEM-TV team found that Citizens Banks in Michigan require non-customers at their inner city banks to have their thumbs printed. The inner city banks also did background checks on people who opened new accounts.
  • Mid-Michigan Nursing Homes

    WNEM takes "a look at the problems in area nursing homes. The number of abuse cases, how they are investigated, how long it takes to investigate the cases and who is in charge of the nursing homes. We found the National General Accounting Office determined Michigan was slow in responding to charges. We also found the main problems in area nursing homes stem from one issue: staffing."