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  • Dishonorable Conduct

    This prime time documentary showcased a year's worth of investigative reporting from WSMV-TV's investigative unit into the Tennesseee National Guard, prompting developments including an assistant district attorney publicly questioning the Governor and the Major General, and a Molotov cocktail thrown at the house of one of our whistle blowers.
  • Dishonorable Conduct

    This prime time documentary showcased a year's worth of investigative reporting from WSMV-TV's investigative unit into the Tennessee National Guard, prompting developments including an assistant district attorney publicly questioning the Governor and the Major General, and a Molotov cocktail thrown at the house of one of our whistleblowers.
  • Crime In Punishment

    The story comes from a 1 1/2 year long investigation into Tennessee prisons, where WSMV found such corruption and outrageous behavior inside the state penal system that lawmakers, a district attorney, former employees and crime victims feel that crimes were committed during the punishment of criminals. The investigation led to the disciplinary actions on more than 70 inmates, a criminal investigation by the TBI, a criminal conviction of a guard and a legislative hearing. The investigation initially began by showing the outrageous behavior of criminals inside prison, and expanded to expose the state deleting records of assaults on guards and inmates and medical neglect of female inmates.
  • Indelible: The Case Against Jeffrey Womack

    Indelible: The Case Against Jeffrey Womack is a feature length documentary , the first in nearly 20 years for WSMV, a pioneer in long form local journalism. It explores the stories never told, the voices never heard, and some astounding mistakes made in the pursuit of justice. Culled from long forgotten film and video in the Channel 4 archive (much of it unlabelled and misplaced) the Metro police case file (never before released to a local reporter) and in long dismissed hours of tapped telephone calls to the nervous family, the case unfolds like it was 1975 all over again.
  • Deception of the Desperate

    The WSMV investigation "exposed how a Nashville-based company was deceiving people all across the country who were desperate for insurance. Many of these customers had serious illnesses, like AIDS and cancer, and could not get full coverage insurance. They found the company was telling consumers they were getting full coverage insurance, when in fact they were buying basic discount cards that barely paid any of their expenses. "
  • MBI Heavy Trucks

    WSMV-TV examined MBI trucking, “the nation's largest garbage hauler,” which hauls ordinary household trash across Tennessee. Their analysis of "a single trucker's daily weigh tickets for a period of more than 3 years" showed that he only "followed the federal weight law just 21 times." As a result of the investigation the company's safety and compliance record has caught the interest of the federal government.
  • Prison Zip Codes

    This investigation by WSMV looks at the trend of parolees, prisoners, their respective zip codes, and the continuous cycle of violence that occurs when they're released into the same environment. The trend shows that certain zip codes with hundreds of parolees also tend to have the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. Through their analysis, reporters at WSMV discovered that many of these parolees have no choice but to return to these high-crime neighborhoods with cheap housing due to their criminal past. "So when parolees return to these areas, they are exposed to crime again and get caught up in a cycle of violence."
  • Show & Tell: IRE 2001 National Conference (Chicago)

    Compilation tape of investigative stories presented at the 2001 IRE national conference in Chicago: Tape 1 1.) KVBC-TV (Nevada) - "Honor Thy Father" 2.) KHOU 11 (Houston) - "Highway Health Hazard" 3.) Inside Edition - "Drink Up" 4.) KOAA-TV (Colorado Springs) - "Mother Goose daycare investigation" 5.) WSTN-TV (Syracuse) - "Pipeline to Crack" 6.) WAGA-TV (Atlanta) - "On the net; on the clock" 7.) KSAZ-TV (Phoenix) - "Capital Credit" 8.) Inside Edition - "Televangelists" 9.) WJW (Fox 8 Cleveland) - "Coats for Kids" 10.)Kelo-TV (Sioux Falls) - "Painful Steps" 11.) WNBC-TV (New York) - "Help on Hold" 12.) WFLD-TV (Chicago) - "Aggressive Drivers" 13.) WXYZ-TV (Detroit) - "Get Out Alive" 14.) WCPO-TV (Cincinnati) - "Airport Security" 15.) KMOL-TV (San Antonio) - "Slum Lords" 16.) WDIV-TV (Detroit) - "Stealing Power" 17.) WSMV 4 (Nashville) - "A few deadly breaths" 18.) WTVF (Nashville) - "Who's Policing the Police?" 19.) KDFW (Dallas) - "Spot Delivery" 20.) WTVJ (Miami) - "The Price of Beauty" 21.) WXYZ-TV (Detroit) - "Weight Loss Scams" 22.)KETV (Omaha) - "Police Complaints" 23.) KDFW (Dallas) - "Identity Theft" Tape 2 1.) WABC-TV (New York) - "Caught Off Guard" 2.) WTMJ-TV (Milwaukee) - "Get out of jail free" 3.) KTVT-TV (Fort Worth) - "INS Application Scam" 4.) KRON-TV (San Francisco) - "Moving Violations" 5.) WSPA-TV (South Carolina) - "Goodwill Firings" 6.) KWTV 9 (Oklahoma City) - "Lemon on the Lot" 7.) WLOS-TV (Asheville) - "Save or Slaughter" 8.) WISH-TV (Indianapolis) - "Tipped off" 9.) WAMI-TV (Miami) - "AIDS Charity Scam" 10.) WITI-TV (Milwaukee) - "Marine Corp Toxic Water" 11.) WFLD-TV (Chicago) - "No prescription, no doctor" 12.) XETV 6 (San Diego) - "Port Perks" 13.) KSTP-TV (St. Paul) - "Lasik Surgery" 14.) News 12 Long Island (Woodbury, N.Y.) - "Bad Medicine" 15.) News 12 Long Island (Woodbury, N.Y.) - "Double Dipping" 16.) KVBC-TV (Las Vegas) - "Mud Slinging Exposed" 17.) KVBC-TV (Las Vegas) - "What Lies Beneath" 18.) KHOU 11 (Houston) - "Sex Offender Teachers" 19.) KHOU 11 (Houston) - "Highway Health Hazard" 20.) WISH-TV (Indianapolis) - "Inspecting the Inspectors" 21.) WCPO 9 (Kentucky) - "NKU Rape Investigations"
  • 1995 IRE TV Award Winners and FinalistsTape

    The 1995 IRE TV Award Winners and FinalistsTape is a compilation of 5 investigative stories. 1.) "No Place Like Home," Prime Time Live, ABC News. Hidden cameras captured problems with in-home care including poor supervision, verbal and physical abuse, caretakers watching over far too many children and, ultimately, state inspectors who failed to act. See # 12920. 2.) "The Worst Nightmare," 60 Minutes, CBS News. Real evidence that Russian organized crime in conjunction with at least one senior official of the Yelstin government, had moved into the potentially lucrative area of nuclear smuggling. See # 12836. 3.) "Marks Travels" KCTV, Kansas City, MO. A highly paid school superintendent, who supposedly had a chronic back problem, took a lenghty medical leave. He was caught lugging furniture into his new home in Florida and questioned about his district spending habits. See # 12830. 4.) "Last Rights," WSMV, Nashville. For the last two decades, the University of Tennessee has been using dead bodies in experiments on human decay, without the knowledge of family members. The practice was suspended immediately after the report. See # 12756. 5.) "Guardian's Grasp." WXYZ, Detroit. A guardianship company exploited the elderly it was supposed to protect. Among other things, it sold a client's home for $500 to the mother of an employee, frauded Medicare and overcharged on accounting fees. See # 12805.
  • IRE Feed 1 "New Adventures in Computer Assisted Reporting."

    A compilation of 12 stories: 1.) "Stolen Dreams" News 12 Long Island, Employees and Salesmen stealing pensions and retirement money. 2.) "Felon Voters" WCCO, Minneapolis, Convicted felons voting illegally. 3,) "Where Crime Happens." WBNS, Columbus, High-crime neighborhoods. 4.) "Ride At Your Own Risk" WTVJ, Miami, Cab drivers driving without licenses because of violations. 5.) "What's in the Tank?" KNXV, Phoenix, Gas incorrectly labeled. 6.) "The Dirty Dozen" WDIV, Detroit, Unclean restaurants with health violations. 7.) "Occupational Hazards" WSMV, Nashville, Unsafe work conditions ignored. 8.) "Unlucky 13" WRAL, Raleigh, A dangerous stretch of Interstate 95. 9.) "Owning Up" WNEM, Saginaw, Unpaid property taxes. 10.) "Hot Cars" WBNS, Columbus, The most frequently stolen cars. 11.) Wheel of Government" News 12 Long Island, Government cars used for non-government business. 12.) "Nursing Home Abuses." WDIV, Detroit, Health department violations, neglect, whistle blowers, cover up, sexual assaults, inadequate care and more.