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  • Something Suspicious in District 9

    Allegations of fraud led North Carolina’s Board of Elections to refuse to certify November election results from the 9th Congressional district. Our investigation revealed a complex ballot-harvesting operation, with people paid to collect absentee ballots from voters -- an act that is illegal in North Carolina.
  • High school security

    A WSOC-TV investigation looks at the reliability of security measures, including hand-held metal detectors, being used by the county school system at high school football games. The investigation finds that security officials are not always as careful as they should be and weapons could potentially be brought into games without being detected.
  • Big House, Big Church, Big Questions

    WSOC-TV investigated the United House of Prayer for all People, which as several churches in the Charlotte area. One of them sits next to a two-million dollar mansion used only when the bishop comes to town. The investigation revealed that the church isn't paying some of its debts and some small business owners are on the losing end.
  • Who's Caring For Your Loved One?

    WSOC-TV investigated how closely nursing home employees are screened for possible felony criminal convictions. While most care homes did criminal checks as required, WSOC-TV found one that didn't.
  • Reading, Writing and Road Trips

    WSOC-TV investigates the Charlotte, NC, local school system that claimed to be having a budget crunch and yet approved a pay raise for the superintendent. The authors wanted to see what else was in the budget, such as travel and expenses for the school board and superintendent. The authors found a travel budget much larger than comparable school systems and some trips that may not have been worth the expenses.
  • Charlotte's Security

    After a man walked into the Charlotte civil courthouse with explosives, WSOC-TV tested the overall awareness to a potential threat, i.e. Oklahoma City or the World Trade Center bombing. A rented truck similar to the ones used in those incidents was driven to several sites around the county. The sites included city, county and federal buildings, the airport and companies that operate gasoline storage tanks. The authors found varying levels of awareness. A nationally-known security expert pointed out the weaknesses, and the authors gave the sites time to make changes or respond before the story aired.
  • Porn Pipeline

    WSOC-TV (Charlotte N.C.) airs series that looks at Charlotte porn business, its links with mob figures, and health hazards presented by indiscriminate sexual contact that occurs in the stores, Feb. 16-20, 1987.
  • Sattelite Jain Investigation

    WSOC-TV (Charlotte, N.C.) documents improper activities of a sheriff running a county jail; inmates were allowed extraordinary time out of the jail; an inmate convicted in a drunk-driving accident resulting in three deaths was issued a new driver's license, May 21-July 25, 1986.
  • Park Police Scandal

    WSOC-TV (Charlotte) finds park police chief siphoned hundreds of dollars per month for private security work actually performed by officers working on city time.
  • SCA: A Corporate Neighbor in Question

    WSOC-TV (Charlotte, N.C.) airs five-part series on a Boston-based waste treatment and disposal firm moving into the region; ties with organized crime and improper waste treatment raise concern among politicians and residents of Charlotte, September 1980.