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  • Waiting for Disaster

    A relentless WXYZ-TV investigation is credited for prompting major proposed reforms to Michigan’s mental health code; measures that probate judges say will save lives and drastically improve care for the state’s most vulnerable. The ongoing series documented an underfunded, disjointed and sometimes inhumane state mental health system that, in 2014, was rated 41st out of 50 states. In 9 separate reports, WXYZ’s relentless series documented the plight of men, women and children struggling with a mental illness who received meager care from the state. Through its reporting, WXYZ prompted the Governor’s office to form a special task force designed to change Michigan law and provide more meaningful care for the mentally ill.
  • Guilty & Gone

    In America’s most dangerous city, a WXYZ-TV investigation revealed a systemic problem in Michigan’s largest court: what amounts to a “get out of jail free” card for criminals guilty of attempted murder, armed robbery, rape, peddling drugs and assaulting police officers. These reports have prompted lawmakers to consider changes to state law.
  • The Supreme Shell Game

    A WXYZ-TV investigation forced a state Supreme Court justice to give up her position, prompted the U.S. Attorney to accuse her of of money laundering and fraud and launched forfeiture proceedings against her home.
  • Getting Away With Attempted Murder

    WXYZ-TV exposed broken bail bond system in the state's busiest courts that led to major reforms.
  • Wayne County Confidential: Government Run Amok

    In Michigan's largest counties, WXYZ-TV exposed a secret $200,000 severance paid to Turkia Mullin, the county's outgoing economic development czar in September while employees endured 20% pay cuts.
  • Wayne County Confidential: Government Run Amok

    This investigation exposed a secret $200,000 severance paid out to a government employee while others endured a 20% pay cut. WXYZ found that the severance was never disclosed to county commissioners, who are supposed to approve all payments of $50,000. The reporting caused the county to cancel 16 other severance payments for voluntary resignations, including one for up to $350,000.
  • Judge Sylvia James: Access Denied, Chief Judge Under fire

    This series examines a chief judge who appears to be using her power and position to do as she pleases. WXYZ used FOIA extensively in their investigation which lead the city to put her on administrative leave as well as leading to inquiries and audits from the State Court Administrator, the Judicial Tenure Commission and a formal complaint containing 192 specific allegations.
  • To Protect and Massage

    WXYZ-TV found that Detroit Police Sergeant was going to massage school while she was supposed to be on her beat.
  • Commissioner's Work Day

    After six months of investigation, including surveillance, WXYZ-TV found that Police Commissioner Danny Clark, spent most of his days drinking. Clark would spend a few hours at work and then go and drink at a bar or at home. "Ultimately the story prompted the Police Commissioner to admit that he is an alcoholic, announced is retirement, and the mayor suspended him."
  • High Flying Perks

    As automakers took more financial hits in 2006 that led to layoffs and cost-cutting, company executives asserted that they too would cut down on their personal budgets. But WXYZ-TV found out that the executives did nothing to reduce their use of corporate jets and fuel in trips costing in the tens of thousands of dollars. The eight-month investigation uncovered situations like that of Ford CEO BIll Ford, Jr. He accepted a yearly salary of only a dollar, and used company planes for personal trips to the tune of $297,201 in a single year. Ford president Mark Fields is tasked with cutting costs in the company, yet used the planes on many weekends to take trips from Detroit to his mansion in Florida at a cost of between $50,000 and $70,000 each weekend.