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  • Liquid Assets: A Water-Policy Critic Tries Going Corporate To Tap New Market

    The Wall Street Journal reports on the emerging of a private market "to acquire, store and ship huge quantities of water across the arid region" of Sausalito, California. The story examines the new corporate role of author Marc Reisner, who has become a player in the fledgeling water business. The article looks at factors that can potentially contribute to drought in the West, and examines the industry expectations for agreements, mergers and acquisitions among the largest water companies. The reporter also sheds light on the environmentalists' standpoint and finds that some are opposed, but many welcome a private water market, since it is expected "to bring new efficiencies to the arena, making more water available fro fish and wildlife."
  • Campaign Finance in Queens

    This Times-Ledger series looked "at the campaign finances of political candidates from Queens for the state legislature and Congress." The investigation found that "incumbents who did not face serious opposition" tended to receive the most significant contributions and to spend them on fund-raisers, political consultants and election campaigns of other candidates. The series also revealed some cases when candidates failed to file their campaign finance reports on time.
  • Doubts are Raised About the Reliability of the Cruise Missile

    Wall Street Journal examines secret Pentagon and corporate documents that raise questions about whether the cruise missile is reliable when exposed to sub-zero temperatures.
  • (Untitled)

    Wall Street Journal exposes a Washington, D.C., real estate scam; dealers buy ghetto apartments using investor funds then sell them to the occupants on HUD-guaranteed loans at inflated prices, Aug. 31, 1990.
  • (Untitled)

    Wall Street Journal reveals Dow Chemical Co. has tried to maintain a low profile on the problems surrounding Sarabond, a product that strengthens mortar; reveals the product, first used in 1965, apparently corrodes steel, prompting several lawsuits against Dow as buildings and tunnels begin to crumble, March 21, 1989.