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  • Bystanders to Genocide

    The Atlantic Monthly investigates "why the United states let the Rwandan tragedy happen." The story includes "exclusive interviews with scores of the participants in the decision-making." The author analyses "a cache of newly declassified documents" that reveal that "the U.S. government knew enough about the genocide early on to save lives..." The story reveals that "the U.S. did much more than fail to send lead a successful effort to remove most of the UN peacekeepers who were already in Rwanda." The article is a "chilling narrative of self-serving caution and flaccid will - and countless missed opportunities to mitigate a colossal crime."
  • The Kosovo Cover-Up

    This Newsweek article uncovers a "suppressed on-site survey of Serb military targets" and a "cover-up study on the Kosovo air war." The investigation shows that the "the air campaign against the Serb military in Kosovo was largely ineffective," as "NATO bombs ... barely dented Serb artillery and armor." The reporter reveals that "the bombing ... was highly effective against fixed targets, like bunkers and bridges," as well as faked targets, but in reality only a few tanks and military targets have been hit. The story exposes the attempts of the Defense Department to fudge.