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  • Human Trafficking in the Heartland

    The Center found that three years after Wisconsin legislators passed a law banning trafficking, little had been done to curb the practice in the state.
  • Supreme Court Spat

    This story, produced by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism and Wisconsin Public Radio, was first to report on a June 13 altercation in which Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser placed his hands on the neck of fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in a dispute in her office in front of other members of the court. The article reported that the argument concerned the timing of the court's release of a decision upholding Republican Gov. Scott Walker's controversial bill to curb the collective bargaining rights of the state's public employees, and that the Capitol Police Department and the Wisconsin Judicial Commission were informed of the incident. The story also revealed that the Capitol police chief had come in to speak to the court's seven members about it. Although the initial story relied on anonymous sources, all of the facts were subsequently confirmed by on-the-record interviews, and later by police reports.
  • Sand mining surges in Wisconsin

    Exploring how mining firms in the state of Wisconsin inject sand under the Earth's surface to release oil and natural gas, and the health implications of the residual dust that is released in the air as the sand comes up.
  • Side Effects

    "This series began in 2009 after learning that doctors at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine had been receiving payments from drug and medical device companies. It has grown into a much broader and deeper look at the pervasive influence of money in medicine."
  • Misleading Milk Marketing

    "This investigative series was the first to report on the misleading health claims made by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, which spends millions of dollars annually to promote dairy products throughout Wisconsin and nationwide."
  • Walker Emails

    The story investigates whether Wisconsin's newly inaugurated Gov. Scott Walker was telling the truth when he said that most of the emails he'd received were in support of his plan to strip the collective bargaining rights from public workers.
  • Dangerous and Free

    The reporter reveals how criminals in Wisconsin eluded justice because of breaks from judges, communication breakdowns and miscalculations by law enforcement.
  • Who's Protecting You

    The investigation examines whether Wisconsin's Bureau of Consumer Protection is actually committing its own consumer fraud.
  • Dairyland Diversity

    Wisconsin's dairy industry has seen an influx of immigrant laborers in recent years. While the workers have contributed to growth in the industry, they have also put the farmers in potential legal peril.
  • "Sexting DA"

    AP reporter Ryan Foley revealed that prominent Wisconsin District Attorney Ken Kratz was sending harassing text messages to female victims; women whom he was supposed to be protecting. When the sexual harassment was reported to the authorities, "legal regulators and colleagues" kept the allegations private in an attempt to protect the reputation of the DA.