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  • God of Radio

    The investigation finds that Carl Russ, the top radio expert in Wisconsin and driving force behind the statewide emergency radio system, has been profiting from the project. The state had been buying a quarter of a million dollars' worth of radio frequencies from his privately owned company -- presenting a conflict of interest for Guse.
  • Contract Sunshine

    This story reveals that state agencies in Wisconsin were not following a four-year-old transparency law requiring them to post contract data online for public review, and that Wisconsin ranked among the worst in the nation at providing such information. Agency directors blamed each other, a lack of enforcement power, technical glitches and a shortage of money.
  • Side Effects

    The author examines the conflicts of interest within the medical community and the influence of pharmaceutical companies on doctors and researchers. The series shows the dangerous consequences that come when drug companies pay doctors and researchers to endorse their products. An inquiry by a U.S. Senate committee, as well as policy reform at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health were results of this investigation.
  • The Robert Felner Investigation

    Dr. Robert Felner was raided by federal agents his last day as the Dean of the College of Education and Human Development University of Louisville. He was to become Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin Parkside but was under question about a $500,000 grant.
  • Leaks in the System

    KMSP-TV found that oversight for drug testing of commercial truckers was lax. This allowed truckers to adulterate or substitute specimens in order to pass a test. Also they found that despite drug test being required, companies in Minnesota and Wisconsin continue to put drivers behind the wheel without testing them first. Lastly, they exposed a loophole that allowed failed drivers to keep working in the industry.
  • This is work release?

    Fox 6 found that Milwaukee County had lax oversight and monitoring of "felony inmates who'd been granted community access for work, school, or treatment."
  • Motherhood behind bars

    The majority of women inmates in the Wisconsin prison system are mothers of young children. The separation of mother and child may lead to the children growing up to become inmates themselves because they need guidance and nuture while their mothers are in prison. Throughout child birth, pregnant inmates have their legs shackled to restrain them, which is not only done in Wisconsin, but 20 other states.
  • Broken Promises

    Tax-exempt deals that provided $7 billion in bonds for low-income housing or inner-city schools turned out to be another way for banks and advisers to make money. Bloomberg investigates situations such as a deal in which JPMorgan Chase and Co. and American International Group "pocketed fees, along with their advisers, totaling $12 million." AIG and CDR of Beverly Hills actually had a deal "in which the financial firms made more money and faced less risk if none of the $220 million in bond funds was used by the public. None of it was." There were 70 other such deals across the country in Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri. The investigation also includes similar situations of schools being neglected while insurance companies, banks and advisers profit.
  • Cry Rape: The True Story of One Woman's Harrowing Quest for Justice

    Author Bill Lueders tells the story of Patty, a blind woman who was raped but had to fight for seven years to find justice. Local law enforcement in Madison, WI was so skeptical of her story that "she was charged witha crime for truthfully insisting that she was raped." Her story unfolds as a tale of her battle against society's reluctance to acknowledge her story, and of the justice system's refusal to admit it might have been wrong.
  • Investigation of Election Problems

    This series is an extensive look at problems that exist in the election system in Wisconsin. According to this investigation, the state runs a high risk of massive recounts in future presidential elections because of the inaccuracy of the election data and voter registration. What they found were thousands of voters with invalid address, ineligible voters who were allowed to cast their ballots on election day, and polling place log books listing hundreds of people as having voted twice. This series by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel prompted a mayoral task force to investigate election problems in Milwaukee, state-wide audit of the election system, as well as a state-federal investigation into voter fraud.