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  • Airport security: Years of inaction left flawed system to fail

    A Kansas City Star investigative packet examines lapses in aviation security, which allowed for the Sept. 11 terrorist attack to occur. Airlines have always fought against draft legislation for raising minimum security standards, the Star reports, in order to keep their attractiveness to customers and profit margins. One of the stories reveals that airlines have regularly sent congressmen on vacation and 'educational' trips for free, in exchange for favorable legislation. Despite constant warnings by the General Accounting Office, not only the Congress, but also the FAA failed to enforce rules to tighten airport security. Some of the findings are that screeners sometimes turned out to be felons, and bags were not scanned for bombs. The investigation focuses on problems detected specifically at the Kansas City International Airport, the nation's 35th busiest airport.
  • Singled Out

    WAGA-TV reports "a statistical analysis of six months' worth of passenger searches by U.S. Customs inspectors at Hartsfield International Airport. We found inspectors routinely targeted African-American passengers looking for drugs. The searches included hands-on body searches, strip searches, monitored bowel movements and x-rays of passenger's intestines at a local hospital. The analysis determined inspectors rarely found drugs. In fact, of all the African-American passengers searched in six months, 99 percent were innocent.."
  • (Untitled)

    Wall Street Journal article tells of the danger posed by medical and dental X-rays due to badly maintained equipment and poorly trained operators, Dec. 11, 1985.
  • Sophisticated Bombs Like One in Lockerbie Prove Hard to Detect

    Wall Street Journal looks at the sophisticated plastic bombs terrorists use on airplanes; finds airport security devices such as X-rays and metal detectors cannot detect the bomb's contents; reviews the 1982 explosion of a bomb on a Pan Am flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo.
  • Bad Backs; Big Bucks

    WZZM-TV (Grand Rapids, Mich.) finds patients at a major chiropractic clinic were often given unnecessary X-rays and tests so the clinic could bill the patients' insurance companies, May 13-17, 1985.
  • X-Ray: The Unseen Danger

    WLS-TV (Chicago) runs series on failure of the state to adequately inspect X-ray machines; findings include improperly calibrated equipment and machines operated by untrained workers, March 1982.