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    Five nights a week, at least $100 million in crisp new $100 bills is flown from JFK nonstop to Moscow, where it is used to finance the Russian mob's vast and growing international crime syndicate. State and federal officials believe it is part of a multi-billion-dollar money-laundering operation. New York magazine investigates how the Republic National Bank and the United States Federal Reserve prefer to ignore the problem because they a make millions off the currency sales to Russian mobsters. (Jan. 12, 1996)
  • Not on the Menu

    WJXT investigation found nearly 400 Jacksonville area restaurants considered unsanitary by state standards. Investigation also found that inspectors hardly ever fine restaurants for health and safety violations, even after repeat citations. Inspectors were also unaware of a scoring system, based on their own reports, that the state uses to grade restaurants. (Feb. 2 - 3, 1995)