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  • A Tangled Web of Lies – the Southeastern Military Academy

    An investigation into abuse allegations at a private school uncover a lack of oversight of private schools in Florida and a system failing students and parents.
  • Fall From Grace: How Buffalo's Bishop Hid Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo

    Damning documents from a confidential source were the basis for our three-part series on Bishop Richard J. Malone, which showed that Malone returned an accused child abuser to ministry after a previous bishop removed him; allowed another abusive priest to remain pastor of a wealthy parish despite multiple abuse allegations; and deceived the faithful by hiding the "real" abuse list -- containing more than 100 priests -- from the public.
  • Out of Balance

    A nine-month investigation by The Indianapolis Star found 368 gymnasts had alleged sexual abuse over the last two decades at the hands of coaches and other authority figures — and revealed why: USA Gymnastics, the sport’s national governing body, failed to protect young athletes by employing a policy of dismissing many child sex abuse allegations as hearsay; declining to report allegations to police; failing to track abusive coaches who move from gym to gym; denying responsibility for oversight; and, in some cases, pressuring alleged victims to remain silent. The reporting also emboldened more than 60 women to come forward with allegations of sexual abuse against a longtime USA Gymnastics team physician, who now faces state and federal charges.
  • Abusing the Badge

    Each year, the City of Chicago pays millions to settle police misconduct lawsuits. And millions more are spent on an effort to keep the names of officers who are the subject of police abuse allegations under wraps. For the better part of the past decade, city attorneys have sparred with public interest lawyers over whether the names of police officers repeatedly accused of misconduct should be on the public record. Thus far, the city has been successful in sealing the officers’ identities. Last year, The Chicago Reporter became the first Chicago news outlet to make some of that information public. Through our investigation, “Abusing the Badge,” we dug through every police misconduct lawsuit settled by the city--in the local and federal courts—during the past three years and compiled a database of every police officer involved. We also charted the location where the alleged abuse occurred and the circumstances behind each case.
  • KC Perversion Files

    A 41 Action News investigation discovered one of the nation's leading youth organizations did not report suspected child sexual abuse to authorities, allowing accused molesters to avoid punishment and putting other children in harm's way. During a five-month investigation, 41 Action News reviewed dozens of Boy Scouts of America’s "perversion files" from 1971-1991 with ties to the Kansas City area. During our analysis of the files, intended as a blacklist to keep convicted and suspected pedophiles out of Scouting, we conducted interviews with alleged victims, spoke with a long-time Scouting leader, and tracked down men who had been kicked out of the organization after sexual abuse allegations surfaced.
  • Decades of Dishonor

    When the Boy Scout "perversion files" were released in October, we began reporting on a local sex offender accused of abuse in the 1980s. But it was just the tip of the iceberg, as we learned the man was a former teacher who had been dogged by abuse allegations for decades.
  • Trouble on the Farm: From Research to Waste

    This investigation of animal neglect at the University of Nevada, Reno revealed that: administrators set up a camera in a smoke detector outside a faculty whistleblower's lab; students alleged late-night intruders tampered with e-coli experiments to discredit the professor; a network of unregulated "homeland security" cameras kept the campus under surveillance; "valueless" sheep injected with human stem cells were sent to a university ranch as part of a weed eradication project and were swiftly killed by predators. And, although the University denied all the animal abuse allegations, the USDA cited it for 46 violations in May and another 10 in October, which included many of the same neglects documented in the story.
  • Witness for the Prosecution

    Dateline NBC "examined allegations that Jehovah's Witnesses leaders have been covering up cases of child molestation... (Dateline) discovered that the general policy set by the church headquarters, the Watchtower Society, does not encourage the reporting of sexual abuse allegations to authorities, except in the 16 states where reporting by clergy of such allegations is mandatory... (Dateline) discovered one case in Nevada where the church's own internal records showed they were aware that an elder had been accused of molesting 17 girls, yet never passed that information on to the police. The primary case (Dateline) focused on involved a young women who alleged that her parents' best friend and a respected church leader had molested her from the time she was 5 until she was nearly 12 years old. At age 16, she came forward to church elders, who she says threatened to excommunicate her if she reported the case to police. She went to the police anyway. As a result, her family says they were shunned by other church members. In court, church leaders spoke on behalf of the accused molester, who ultimately was convicted and sent to prison."
  • Children of the Underground

    A cladestine underground network that helps parents and children defy the court system and flee from what they claim is sexual abuse by the other parent is documented in a five-part series. In exhaustive pictures and prose, they explore the lengths to which parents - mostly mothers - will go to protect their children after a court has rejected their abuse allegations. And they describe the heavy price paid by fathers and family members left behind, when these children disappear into the underground.

    KSEE-TV (Fresno, Calif.) investigates child abuse allegations against residents of a chain of group homes, centering on the physical abuse of an 11 - year - old boy, 1990.