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  • Did Texas Prison Guards Drive Marinda Griggs to Kill Herself?

    This is a story focusing on criminal justice, and attempts by defense lawyers to better devise protections for the most vulnerable. And they believe that because of changing law – namely the Texas adoption of its Tort Claims Act – that now the misdeeds of public institutions and their employees will not go unchallenged.
  • Florida Police Shot 574 People: Were they all justified?

    These series were about police-involved shootings in Florida. The stories raise serious questions about abuse of power, excessive force and whether police are always given the benefit of the doubt even when the evidence points to the contrary. NBC 6 was able to give the public a rare look at actions by Miami-Dade Police Department. The series aired before the Ferguson shooting and began drawing national attention to the issue of police shootings when MSNBC rebroadcast part of it. It has helped change county laws. Miami-Dade Police will no longer investigate their own police-involved shootings.
  • Going Platinum: Gaming the System

    NBC Bay Area exposed an ongoing scheme by the head of Santa Clara County’s Department of Child Support Services in which he used a personal credit card for over a hundred thousand dollars of reimbursable department charges in order to rack up travel rewards points on the public’s dime. Through several public records requests and meticulous data entry and analysis, the team exposed the Director's passion for points drove him to exploit his position for financial gain and violate county purchasing policy. Our investigation shed light on a county department tainted by abuse of power, longstanding violations and questionable ethics The team’s reporting sparked investigations by state agencies, a change in leadership and his ultimate firing.
  • Chris Christie, White House Ambitions and the Abuse of Power

    Chris Christie, White House Ambitions and the Abuse of Power is a series of reports on the exercise of power by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his administration. The stories investigate his administration’s use of the busiest bridge in the world to take political revenge on a small-town mayor; the operation of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for the political and financial benefit of his administration and his friends and donors; and the use of federal Sandy aid to strong arm the mayor of Hoboken. These reports focused national attention on a leading Republican candidate in the 2016 presidential race. Plus, they established the narrative both for national and local coverage and for state and federal investigations of the administration. Most important, WNYC uncovered key information about the politicization of public entities by an elected official whose appeal to voters is based on the perception that he is above politics. Our submission for review by the IRE includes our most significant work on this story. Our reporting resulted in the forced resignation of Gov. Christie’s top man at the Port Authority, a bi-state agency that controls $8 billion in annual revenue raised largely from tolls and fares paid by commuters of this region. In addition, WNYC’s in-depth reports on the Port Authority prompted criminal investigations by the Manhattan District Attorney and the Securities and Exchange Commission into the misuse of Port Authority funds. It led the United States Attorney for New Jersey to widen its investigation into conflicts of interest by David Samson, the Port Authority Chair, and a close Christie ally. And the reporting has spurred the creation of a bi-state panel to reform the Port Authority, as well as reform measures in the New Jersey and New York Legislatures.
  • Investigation of Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu

    This is a collection of stories about Congressional candidate and Pinal County (Arizona) Sheriff Paul Babeu's abuse of power.
  • NewsChannel 5 Investigates: UCDD

    This months-long investigation exposed rampant misspending and abuse of power within a little-known government agency that’s supposed to create jobs and help the poor in some of Tennessee’s most economically challenged counties. It led to the ouster of the agency's top two officials and sparked a state/federal criminal investigation.
  • Councilmen on Tourism

    The RBS-TV news crew followed city council members from seven Brazilian states as they attended 6 training courses over 40 days. They found that many of them enjoyed tourist day trips instead of the courses they were supposed to be attending. They also found that the politicians could purchase certificates of completion even when they did not attend the courses.
  • "Arpaio Investigation"

    An investigation by KPHO-TV found that Sheriff Joe Arpaio often used his popularity as a means to "retaliate" when claims were made against him. The retaliation was often in the form of "SWAT raids" or "full-blown criminal investigations." Some of his victims included the mayor of Phoenix, Supreme Court judges and local police chiefs. KPHO found the FBI was also investigating the sheriff for "abuse of power."
  • Abuse of Power

    This series is an investigation into former CSUPD Chief Dexter Yarbrough. Before the investigation began, he had been placed on paid administrative leave and this raised suspicion from J. David McSwane. After much research and interviewing, David revealed a number of cases of misconduct by Yarbrough. These cases of misconduct included sexual harassment and other illegal behaviors. After everything was revealed, Yarbrough resigned and now hiring of university officials and police personnel is highly assessed.
  • Above the Law

    "Despite that no one wanted this information revealed, our stories document a disturbing pattern of abuse of power, ethical misconduct and corruption by the Chief Federal Judge of the U.S. District Court of Colorado."