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  • Unaccountable

    Reuters’ “Unaccountable” series discloses that the Defense Department, which receives by far the largest share of the annually appropriated federal budget, has no functioning accounting system.
  • Giving the West away

    The Progressive looks at land exchange programs that the Clinton administration has administered in favor of private parties. The report reveals that "in the past five years, more than 1.5 million acres have been traded away in hundreds of swaps ... and some of the deals have been particularly lopsided." The investigation reports on a GAO investigation which has found that "the accounting system [of the Bureau of Land Management] didn't keep track of the value of the land exchanges, making it impossible to determine whether the deal were legal." The story exposes how several firms close to "one of the land exchange program's biggest boosters ... Clinton's Interior Secretary, Bruce Babbitt, ... have been on the receiving end of federal land swaps."