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  • The Plane Truth

    Dateline investigates chronic customer service complaints about the airline industry including flight delays, mishandled baggage and in-flight service. Dateline built its own database to track flights and then compare their information given out by the airlines about delayed flights; many times they were told that flights they knew were delayed were on time. They found that the airlines could be doing a lot more, but since they aren't being pressured to, they aren't.
  • Death at 35,000 feet

    Wilkinson recounts the death of 19-year-old Jonathan Burton, who was apparently beaten to death by his fellow passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight in August, 2000. Fifteen passengers reportedly restrained and then beat Burton after he tried to break down the door to the plane's cockpit. Early news accounts attributed his death to a heart attack, but an autopsy fingered asphyxiation as the cause of death. Despite these findings, the U.S. attorney's office has decided not to prosecute the passengers who beat him. These passengers say they were only watching out for their own safety and that of other passengers.
  • I'm waiting for a jet plane

    U.S. News & World Reports outlines the status of the nation's air system. The magazine's investigation attempts to explain why so many flights are cancelled and/or delayed. U.S. News reveals that an aging air transportation infrastructure is just one of the reasons for flight delays. Airlines, FAA and even local governments are also partially to blame. In addition, this story also takes a look at instances of "air rage," a phenomenon that's becoming more and more prevalent in airports.