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  • Florida's Insurance Nightmare

    Six years after eight hurricanes ripped across Florida, state residents still struggle to recover from the storms' legacy - a wrecked property insurance market. Exorbitant premiums, the highest in the world, have soured the state's struggling economy, killed real estate sales and forced families from their homes. Homeowners were told that unless they paid even more, no insurance company would take their hurricane risk. The Herald-Tribune showed that is a lie. Floridians have been lied to about why there is a crisis, where their money is going, and whether they're even protected against storm losses. Public policy has been corrupted by fiction spun by the insurance industry and its supposed regulators. Billions of dollars desperately needed for the next disaster have been siphoned offshore. And millions of homeowners are left to entrust their financial security on a system rigged to extort profit. To expose the hidden truth of Florida's insurance crisis, St. John cultivated key sources deep within every aspect of the insurance industry and sought massive amounts of financial and policy data from multiple state and national entities. When it became obvious Florida's crisis was manipulated from afar, she traveled to Bermuda and Monte Carlo to discover the hidden players truly in charge.
  • (Untitled)

    The Washington Post magazine looks at Bert Roberts, the man who took over MCI after the death of its founder and chief executive, Bill McGowan. Roberts has new ideas for the corporation; however, he faces a host of problems including a swarm of new competitors, doubtful Wall Street analysts, new laws, sweeping technological change and the pressures of succeeding an American business legend. (June 16, 1996)
  • Squaring off over annuities

    The intentions of a mentally incompentent 95 - year - old woman are at issue in a price-fixing lawsuit filed against several hundred charities. The woman's court-appointed guradian and his team of anti-trust lawyers contend that the charities are selling investments at below market rates. Charities say that they are making it easier for elderly donors to make contributions by offering payouts on gifts known as gift-annuities.