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    In a six-month investigation, Clarissa Ward and investigative producer Jennifer Janisch penetrated the secretive black market trade of antiquities from Syria and Iraq, using hidden cameras to capture the first evidence of an authentic Roman mosaic stolen out of Syria, potentially worth six figures.
  • The Getty

    A six-month investigation of Barry Munitz, the Getty CEO, showed that he had used the trust's tax-exempt resources for himself and his friends, while cutting jobs and the Getty's budget. Getty officials also were found-out for buying antiquities from dealers they suspected of selling looted art, over the past 20 years. They also withheld incriminating evidence when Italian authorities investigated this, all the while promising "full cooperation."
  • Conflict of Interests

    Shelby White and Leon Levy are prominent antiquities collectors. Last August the White House announced the appointment of White to the President's Cultural Property Advisory Committee, which reviews proposals to the United States from foreign countries requesting US Import bans on antiquities artifacts endangered by pillaging and illegal export. Some say this causes a conflict of interest for White. Others say it is the prefect position for such an avid collector.
  • The world's top art cop; looted antiquities?

    Artnews reports on Italian art investigations aimed to protect the country's antiquities. The first piece profiles "Roberto Conforti, head of the Italian art and antiquities police, the largest such force in the world." The second story sheds light on a finding by the Italian investigators that antiquities exposed in American museum and worth millions of dollars have been illegally excavated from Italy in the 80s and 90s. Italy is pursuing claims for the objects and threaten to block important loan agreements with museums, Eakin reports.
  • A Troubling Undercurrent in Plundered Art and Antiquities

    The Boston Globe's series showing how plundered art and antiquities from Holocaust victims and from countries unable to police their architectural sites end up in prestigious museums in direct violation of international treaties and museums' own ethical policies. The series identifies a network of dealers who dealt in stolen artworks, pinpointing suspect paintings hanging in major American museums, and disclosing widespread negligence within the art world about the origin of works of art that routinely change hands for millions of dollars without any inquiry into the ownership chain of the works.