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  • Direkt36: Russian arms dealers

    Two Russian arms dealers operating in Hungary, Vladimir Lyubishin Sr. and Jr., were apprehended as a result of a U.S. DEA sting operation in late 2016. The Lyubishins wanted to supply a Mexican drug cartel with weapons to protect shipments of cocaine against US authorities and rival gangs. In reality, the Russians were negotiating with paid DEA informants. After the arrests, however, the Lyubishins managed to escape US justice thanks to Hungary’s Kremlin-friendly government as Hungary denied Washington’s request for extradition and sent the two arms dealers to Moscow instead. The operation as well as the extradition scandal was kept secret and was first revealed by my story.
  • Sale of Ammunition to Minors

    In the national debate over gun control, we discovered little attention is focused on the sale of ammunition to minors. We went undercover to see if federally licensed firearms dealers followed the law regarding ammunition sales to minors.
  • The Merchant of Death

    The story investigates the DEA's search for Viktor Bout, one of the world's most notorious arms dealers and one of the most wanted men on the globe for more than a decade.
  • Gripen- The Secret Deals

    SVT investigated the selling of the Swedish fighter plane, the Gripen to the Czech government. In result the news organization uncovered bribery of politicians, the Austrian Count Alfons Mensdorff-Pouilly, a former Canadian government minister and a Czech weapons dealer. This prompted further investigation into two other Gripen deals between Hungary and South Africa.
  • The Last Amigo: Karlheinz Schreiber and the Anatomy of a Scandal

    Cameron and Cashore tell the inside story of a "notorious middleman and arms dealer, Karlheinz Schreiber, and his connections to elite circles of power in Germany, Canada and all over the world." The book reveals that Schreiber was a key player in the party finance scandal that discredited the former Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl. The coauthors shed light on the police findings that led to the arrest of the businessmen, and find letters and bank records that document Schreiber's tireless dealmakings. Schreiber was charged with tax evasion and bribery. In fact the scope "disguised web of power and money" was much larger, including shameless political influence and pressure on media coverage.
  • Licensed to kill

    This article delves into the world of weapon dealers and arm sales, where, Silverstein writes, they "operate within a maze of front companies, aliases, and Swiss bank accounts." Told through an account of an arms dealer in Virginia, who reportedly had a major role in almost every U.S. operation against Communisim, this story is "a virtual how-to guide for covert operations...(and) reveals the relationship between governments and black-market arms dealers, and affords us new insight into American foreign policy since World War II."
  • Law Enforcement Weapons Sales

    CBS News 'ongoing investigation looked at the policies of major police and sheriff's departments across the country when it came to sales or trades of old service weapons. Using the Freedom of Information Act, and various state Public Records Acts, we collected documents and databases from more than thirty major cities and counties in the United States. Our investigation found that some of America's biggest law enforcement agencies are also some of the biggest arms dealers...."
  • From Boca to Baghdad

    The News (Boca Raton, Fla.) finds that a cherry flavoring plant in Boca Raton that was used as a front by an arms dealer to funnel $2 billion in military equipment to Iraq; the shipments were funded by a U.S. program of government-guaranteed loans which were meant to give the country agricultural assistance, and will not be paid back by Saddam Hussein.
  • (Untitled)

    The Advocate (Stamford, Conn.) tells the story of the only person imprisoned in the United States for the Iran-contra affair, a Pakistani-born arms dealer named Arif Durrani who claims to be linked to Oliver North and his government-sanctioned arms-for-hostages operation; uncovers several U.S. - Israeli joint arms networks to illegally supply Iran with weapons, Aug. 8, 1991.
  • chemistry of a coverup

    KTOK Radio (Oklahoma City) investigates Iraqi-born arms dealer who attempted to purchase chemical technology in the United States in order to help Iraq and Libya develop chemical weapons, November - December 1990.