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  • California Prosecution Fees

    The Desert Sun uncovered how residents of three cities in the Coachella Valley were being billed massive fees that paid for private attorneys the city had contracted to go after the residents' for minor city code violations. Petty offenses, like having a messy yard or hanging a Halloween decoration on a street light, led to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars being demanded of the residents. If they couldn't pay, liens were assessed. Following the reporting, the cities stopped the practice, state lawmakers made it illegal in California and a class-action lawsuit led to at least one city refunding the residents.
  • (Untitled)

    The Courier Times investigates how Lower Bucks towns spent nearly $2 million on municipal lawyers and questions whether the towns are paying too much for the service. It also looks at how some municipal law firms are big political spenders, and big campaign contributors of local political committees and parties. (Sept. 24, 1995)
  • The Bitter Fight Over the Manville Trust

    New York Times finds that a trust set up to pay settlements to asbestos victims is out of funds, in large part because attorney fees have been so high.